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3 Budget-Friendly Hacks For Food Photographers!

Are you a food blogger looking out for ways to snap your food creatively? Or, are you a Food Photographer searching for trending DIY hacks to level up your Food Photography portfolio?

Several food bloggers and Food Photographers are always searching for trending styles and different hacks to leverage their portfolios. However, in this run, the budget proves to be a knock sometimes. 

What if we tell you that you could capture creative Food Photographs at home like a PRO? Yes, you got it right! This time, we have added some of the most creative and budget-friendly hacks that are sure to level up your Food Photography game! Let us dive into the pool of budget-friendly DIY hacks right away!


Many people are into this habit of clearing up old stuff like trays, containers, etc. Little did you know, a lot of this stuff could be reused in several creative ways. Can’t believe it? Read on to get in-depth details of the same!

Do not get rid of any old or antique trays that you may have around. They are one of the most creative hacks to make incredible Food Photography backgrounds. Now there could be many types of trays that include wooden as well as metallic trays. Depending on the metal, the trays often have an elegance that will add a good look to your Food Photography. But what makes them even better is that they do not have unwanted textures and extra shine that can sometimes prove to be distracting. As a great hack to photography background, wooden trays also look great when shot at close up or a distance. Moreover, you can also use these trays as props in telling your delicious food story. If you don’t have a couple of these in hand, you can often find these antique trays at a good price range at various antique stores or even online. Sites like Amazon and Flipkart can also be a great place to look through. 


Several Food photographers and bloggers prefer using old baking papers for professional Food Photography. They are truly perfect and add an attractive look to nearly every food shot.

It is a trending fashionable hack that is currently being used by various food bloggers and photographers. If you want to give your food a vintage look and you want your baking paper to look old, you could rough it up or probably splash rustic paints over it. If you don’t get the desired look in one go, you may repeat this process until you get the look that you are looking for.


There is no need to buy or look for backdrops or props in stores for Food Photography. If you want a simple, yet elegant Food Photograph, you could use this hack. 

Simply take a black tray or any black container according to your requirements and place your food carefully in the container. Once you are done placing, play around with a few cashew nuts, chopped mint or chillies, and other colourful ingredients. You could also add a few fruits or vegetables to give a nice and healthy look.

The above-mentioned hacks will not only stick to your budget but will also level up your Food Photography game! If you have been looking out for such budget-friendly hacks we hope your search is now over!

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