Create leading lines with fair lights

4 Aesthetic Diwali Photoshoot Ideas with Fairy Lights

Diwali is around the corner, want to click aesthetic Diwali pictures with fairy lights?

Fairy lights have been trending for a few years now and this year, you should definitely give it a try.

Diwali is the festival of lights. But how about trying a new type of light this year to lighten up your Diwali a little more?

What are Fairy Lights?

What are fairy lights?

Fairy lights are a type of string light that is popularly used to decorate your house during festivals.

Be it Christmas, Diwali, or Eid, without fairy lights, every decoration is incomplete.

Fairy lights are a handy and lightweight accessory that can easily be a camera backpack staple, ready to use whenever you need to give your images a glow.

If you’re a photographer planning to capture your subject with fairy lights, here’s the perfect guide for you to click aesthetic Diwali pictures with fairy lights

1. Portrait Photography with Fairy Lights

Portrait Photography with Fairy Lights

This photoshoot idea is evident enough as you can capture a tonne of portraits with fairy lights.

While adding a dreamy touch to your images, fairy lights are perfect to shed light on your subject.

Try shooting in the dark with the flashlight to add the Pinterest aesthetic touch to your images.

2. Create Glowing Leading Lines

Create leading lines with fair lights

Up your composition game by creating leading lights and giving your subject a glowing effect.

Unlike traditional lights, fairy lights give the glowing effect if you play with the focus and composition a bit.

Grab your audience’s attention by giving by creating the leading lines with your fairy lights.

3. Wrap the Fairy Lights on a Clear Umbrella

Wrap fairy lights on umbrela

For this photoshoot idea, you’ll only need a clear umbrella and your fairy lights!

Let your creative side come out during this photoshoot, you can wrap the lights on the outer side of the umbrella or even recreate lit-up rain.

Wrapping the lights on your umbrella will open many different ways for you to capture.

4. Fairy Lights as your Backdrop

Fairy lights as your backdrop

Using fairy lights as a backdrop for your portraits creates a beautiful, enchanted environment.

Use an 85mm portrait lens to get not just the lowest possible aperture, but also to compress your background, making the backdrop of the light appear larger in your photo.

Using it as your backdrop will help you get the lightning blur effect from the back and focussed subject.

Wrapping Up!

Not just this, you can unleash your creativity and use all the different types of props around you to create something unique this Diwali and to click aesthetic Diwali pictures with fairy lights.

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