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5 Actionable Photography Hacks for Bloggers

Are you a blogger struggling to capture pictures for your blog? Are you looking for some awesome photography hacks for bloggers?

Then this blog by Capturing WOW will surely help you capture pictures that drive more traffic to your blog page.

As a blogger, you know how time-consuming and difficult it is to click pictures. Especially when the climate outside is gloomy and there are no natural lights.

Sadly, I can’t ask the sun to come out every day but here are some actionable photography hacks for bloggers like you.

Use Marco Lens & Portrait Mode

Portrait mode- Photography hack for bloggers

One of the easiest ways to click pictures for your blog is by switching to portrait mode from your regular mode.

Portrait mode instantly blurs out the background and helps you bring out the tiniest details that you need for your picture.

You can also use Marco lens which allows you to capture close up images while keeping the size exactly the same as real.

Laptop as your Backdrop

Laptop as your backdrop

Did you ever try using your laptop screen as your backdrop? If not, then you should definitely give it a shot.

There are so many backgrounds available on the internet and you can choose one that best suits your product.

Trust us on this, your photographs will turn out to be very awesome and your audience will surely go swooning.

Lightings Matter

Natural Lightings, ring light,

Lighting is the number one reason why your pictures are not compelling or reflecting your content.

In the summers, you can always go for the natural sunlight lightings and during monsoon or winters, go for a ring light.

Good lighting will change everything, in the case of ring lights, you can also add different colours of lights to add tone and mood in your pictures.

Edit all your Pictures

Edit our pictures

If you’re not editing your pictures before uploading them then you’re missing out on something very important.

There are so many free editing apps like VSCO, Lightroom, Picsart etc that makes editing pictures very easy.

Try editing pictures once and see the huge difference that it makes to the picture.

Add Props To Your Frame 

Add props to your pictures

Lastly, you can add props like fresh flowers, foliage, etc to add extra elements to your pictures and to make them look more compelling to your audience.

You can use a vase of flowers or even spread the flowers beside the product you’re trying to capture.

Also, try using a Marco lens while using a prop and try shooting on a window for better lightings.

Final Words!

These actionable photography hacks for bloggers will surely help you in creating amazing pictures for your readers.

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