5 Budget-friendly Gifts For Mobile Photographers

Looking for budget-friendly gifts for mobile photographers?

Christmas is just a few weeks away and you know what that means, you need to get buying gifts for your family and friends.

I bet you have a family member or friend that loves photography and capturing moments with their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

If you are thinking of getting someone a gift, you may want to consider something that your mobile photographer friend would love.

There are many different accessories that can make using an iPhone better.

This blog will discuss 5 photography & videography gifts that will make taking better pictures and videos easier for an iPhone user.

1. Tripod

Tripod for mobile photography

For every photographer or videographer, in order to take sturdy images, your photographer would need a tripod.

It’s might not be the most exciting stabilisation tool in the market, but it’s the most useful one.

You only have to watch any movie or TV show to see how much of it was tripod-mounted. For all the fun and exciting camera movements, we might want to use them.

2. Gimbal


A gimbal is a must-have for videographers these days, providing the versatility of handheld filming but without the shakiness.

Gimbals have also gotten quite inexpensive in recent years so you don’t have to break your bank for a gift.

A gimbal, in its most basic form, is a pivoted support that allows an object to be moved around an axis. A gimbal mount positions the axis of the lens at the nodal point.

3. Slider

Videography slider

A slider is a versatile and helpful tool for filming videos. A slider is a piece of equipment that allows you to move your camera vertically or horizontally.

Slow and smooth single-axis movement in a photograph is a stunning technique to enhance visual interest without distracting the viewer.

4. External Storage

External Storage

One thing is certain: if someone begins filming a video, they will want a lot of storage space!

There are a variety of products you can consider as gifts here, ranging from a flash drive for fast backup and storage to full-fledged networked storage choices.

If you use a storage device, you can ensure that the files and data you save on it are more secure and safe than storing them on a computer.

One of the advantages of using a storage device over noisy storage is that it is more dependable.

5. Photo Printer

Photo Printer

While most picture viewing nowadays is done on phones, tablets, and computers, there’s still a place for prints — whether they’re for fun or for gallery-quality images.

Prints add value to your work and provide a more unique way to share your photographs with people than seeing them on an LCD screen.

Final Words!

There are many reasons to give someone a mobile photography gift and these were some budget-friendly gifts for mobile photographers.

Maybe you’d like to show your appreciation for them taking photos of your special event like a wedding, graduation, or family vacation.

It may be that you’d like to encourage them to take more photos of their own, or you might want to give them something to help them advance their craft.

Whatever the reason, we think these gifts are some of the best mobile photography gifts you can give, and they won’t break the bank.

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