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5 Compositions Rules of Photography by Bhadresh Tailor

Are you a photographer who’s wanting to master your art? If so, you must follow these Composition rules of Photography by Bhadresh Tailor.

According to Bhadresh, we live in a country where we are supposed to follow rules, be it in anything.

In photography, there are two main aspects of photography, one is the technical aspect and another is the artistic aspect.

Who is Bhadresh Tailor?

Bhadresh Tailor

Bhardesh Tailor is a Professional Portrait, New Born, and Candid Photographer based in Surat, India. 

He is the founder of Krishna Studio and has experience of over a decade in the industry creating phenomenal pictures.

He also conducts several workshops for budding photographers to help them in their photography journey. 

He strongly believes that “You don’t need to click pictures to look back but rather you should have an end goal to commend the vitality of the present minute.”

Why is it Important to Know the Composition Rules of Photography?

Why is it Important to know the Composition Rules of Photography?

The technical aspect of photography is offered on many portals like YouTube and is taught by several mentors.

But Art is something that you need to develop by yourself.

There are many subjects of Art in photography but before you capture an image, you need to plan something.

When we place the camera on our eyes, we need to balance the subject and the object, that’s where composition comes into existence.

So, let’s dive deep into all those secrets that will help you create beautiful images!

What are the 5 Composition Rules of Photography?

As a photographer, you may have many tools and equipment. But if you don’t know the right composition rules to capture an image, then you won’t be able to create your best shot.

Bhadresh says, “In order to create a stunning image, you need to think differently and think surprised”.

You have to up your visualization power in order to create a phenomenal image. These Composition rules of photography will surely help you develop your visualization power.

1. Aspect Ratio to use in Your Photography

Aspect ratio in Photography

First thing first, before you start creating an image, you need to decide the canvas of that image.

A canvas of an image is nothing but the aspect ratio that you will use in your photography or videography.

While deciding your aspect ratio, you need to consider what aspect ratio will best focus the attention of your audience.

Before you focus on the subject, lights, and camera setting, you need to identify the point of view, viewers angle, etc.

2. Keep Your Images Simple & Minimal

Keep your images simple and minimal

Your approach while trying to capture your best should be simple and minimal.

Your point of interest must look evident in your picture which you can capture anywhere and at any time.

The best shot is not always at the best location or with the best models, it’s comes when you’re clear with your point of interest with a simple approach.

3. Use Lines & Shapes

Use Lines & Shapes

When you get deeper into the composition rules, you identify that there are several lines and shapes. But how do you use all these lines and shapes in composition?

To make us understand how to use different lines and shapes, he gave us an example of a Chef. He said a chef puts a secret ingredient to make his dish stand out.

Similarly, there are several hidden shapes and lines in photography that you need to identify. There are horizontal and vertical lines that you can identify.

While you can also consider different shapes like squares and rectangles while placing your subjects perfectly.

4. Look For Patterns

Look for Patterns

While photographing, you will see a pattern that’s consistent throughout the location.

Wherever you go, you will find these patterns and repetitive objects which you can use while composition.

When you place your subject in a neat and clean place, your subject will be visible to your audience effortlessly. 

5. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thrids

One of the composition rules issued by many photographers across the world and is very important in order to create an outstanding image.

Let’s take an example, if your aspect ratio is 16:9 then you will get 4 golden points.

If you place your subject around that point, then you will see your subject being focused easily.

Final Words!

These were the top 5 Composition Rules of Photography by Bhadresh Tailors that you must be aware of while creating a beautiful image.

This was a sneak peek from one of the Capturing WOW Global Expo 2021’s sessions.

If you wish to see more such rules, then you check out our other articles too.

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