5 Essential Newborn Photography Props

It’s essential to use newborn photography props in order to make your photos even adorable!

 You can use props to highlight the baby’s and the family’s characteristics in addition to exhibiting sleepy faces and button noses.

Many of the best newborn images you see online have been edited, so if you want to do newborn photography securely, you should invest in the correct photo props.

After all, even if you have the best camera equipment in the world, without a few extra baby accessories, your images will appear dull and predictable, especially if you’re photographing infants.

A photo prop can transform your newborn pictures from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let’s get started!

What are the Essential Newborn Photography Props?

Start with this list if you need new props for your baby shoots. Almost every newborn baby photographer has these fantastic photo props in their luggage.

When you go on your next newborn shoot, make sure you have at least one of them with you.

1. Gorgeous Wraps

Wraps rank first on our list of newborn props. They’re versatile and take up little space to keep or transport for in-home infant sessions.

We really like this photography accessory because it can be used to help a newborn rest.

The majority of babies are used to being swaddled.

Almost every newborn photoshoot includes at least one position with a wrap and they’re also a great way to include family members in shots while keeping the baby secure.

Make sure to purchase a variety of wraps in various sizes, colours, and materials. Pastel colours are suggested.

2. Bean Bags

It can be difficult to place a newborn baby in the ideal position.

A bean bag is an excellent photo prop for positioning the infant easily and pleasantly.

It moulds to the shape of the baby’s body and serves as the ideal backdrop for the infant to stand out and be the centre of attention.

When arranging them, be careful not to shock the infant because they can easily slide off. Make sure the infant is in the centre of the bean bag and that a parent is nearby.

3. Rugs

Rugs are simple and straightforward newborn photography accessories.

They’re easy to pack and make for a neutral, warm backdrop, just like a wrap.

They’re also ideal for placing the infant naked on his or her stomach or having a sibling sit with the baby.

Finally, an expert tip for choosing colours is to choose colours that contrast between your wrap and the rug; this will give your photographs greater depth of field.

4. Hats and headbands

Knitted headbands and hats are always great newborn photography accessories because they are so easy to utilise.

It also keeps the baby warm and provides them with greater comfort while they sleep through your shoot.

Consider themed hats that are relevant to the family or a holiday and choose a colour that complements your chosen background.

5. Faux fur

Faux fur can be your best friend when photographing a newborn. It looks fantastic on its own, but it can also be stuffed into baskets, crates, and drawers.

When it comes to photography accessories, this can be a more expensive investment, so think about how many newborn shoots you’ll be conducting on a regular basis before purchasing one.

Final Words!

We hope our list of the best baby photography props for your next shoot was helpful!

Finally, we want to emphasise the importance of prioritising the protection of the infant!

Always make careful to file off rough edges, no matter how cute the prop is. Check for scratchy surfaces and double-check that the infant is safe within.

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