5 Essentials of People Photography by Apratim Saha

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Are you a People Photographer? Want to know the essentials of people photography that can help you capture better photographs of people.

You’re more likely to be a people photographer or someone who just wish to explore it and know what it actually is!

But how can Apratim Saha help you with the essentials of people photography?

Who is Apratim Saha?

Apratim Saha- Essentials of people photography
Picture Courtesy: Apratim Saha

Apratim Saha is an Internationally renowned photographer who started photography at the age of twelve getting inspired by his father. For the past three decades, he has been living his dream of travelling to various countries for his photographic assignments and workshops.

Apratim is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Stock Photography, Getty Images and Stocksy United. He is the Brand Ambassador and Mentor of Canon, Data Color, Nisi, Godox, Vanguard and Blackrapid.

While he has over 36 years of experience, from traditional film to digital photography. He is a commercial photographer specializing in people photography, portraiture, lifestyle & editorial clients. Besides commercial works, Apratim also shoots other subjects that stimulate his visual or emotional sensibilities.

What are the 5 Essentials of People Photography?

People photography is much more than just documenting people. It’s understanding the lives of people you’re photographing.

In people photography, you’ll need to get close to your subject & make them comfortable to get the best shot.

Let’s get started!

1. Talk to your subject & Understand their Lifestyle

Talk to your subject & understand their lifestyle
Picture Courtesy: Apratim Saha

Apratim says, before you start capturing a person, you must have a conversation with them, understand them, and ask questions.

He says, “I shot this image 20 years ago and I asked him, what’s life? And this way the conversation continued till 45 minutes.”

After this conversation, Apratim got to know about the person he is photographing and he finally got an excellent shot.

2. Win their trust & Make them Comfortable

2.Win their trust & Make them Comfortable
Picture Courtesy: Apratim Saha

Apratim says, when you’re trying to photograph people or a community, you’ll need to win their trust and make them feel comfortable around you.

If you don’t win the trust of the people, they’ll not accept you.

In this picture, Apratim has indulged himself in the family and has accepted whatever the family is offering him.

This way you win the trust of the family by accepting them and their culture.

3. Be Patient & Wait for the Right Timing

Be Patient
Picture Courtesy: Apratim Saha

You need to be very patient sometimes and wait for the right moment to capture a stunning image.

In this picture, Apratim waited for 6 hours to get this shot and the baba was still meditating.

He waited for low tide to capture the right image at the right time.

4. Immerse Yourself in the Surrounding

Immerse yourself in the surrounding
Picture Courtesy: Apratim Saha

According to Apratim, you need to immerse yourself completely into your surrounding so your subject forgets about you and you become a part of them.

In this picture, he became a part of their family and that’s the reason he got so personal to click this image.

5. Master Your Tools

Master all your tools

In order to capture magnificent images, you’ll need to be spontaneous and to be spontaneous, you’ll need to master all your tools.

You need to learn how your camera works and understand the purpose and effect of each setting.

You need to practice taking all kinds of photos in all kinds of conditions.

Final Words!

These Essential of People Photography by Apratim Saha will surely help you get better at your people photography craft.

This was a sneak peek from one of the Capturing WOW Global Expo 2021’s sessions.

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