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5 Mistakes Every Beginner Photographer Must Avoid

Are you new to photography? Then you must know the Mistakes every beginner photographer must avoid.

Starting off as a beginner photographer isn’t easy, you face various challenges, you make mistakes and you learn from those mistakes.

If you already know what mistakes you shouldn’t make while starting out as a photographer, you will pass through the error and trial face much easier.

Let’s get started!

1. Not Using a Tripod

Mistakes Every Beginner Photographer Must Avoid-Not using a Tripod

A tripod is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in photography and you should avoid shooting without a tripod.

A tripod helps you click better and sturdy pictures in the times when you need it for long exposure images that cannot be handheld.

While a tripod helps you click sturdy images and videos, it also allows you to slow down and capture much better images than the handheld ones.

2. Not Resetting Your Camera

Not resetting your camera settings

Not resetting your camera setting is the most common mistake made by the beginner as well as seasoned photographers.

You may have a backup set in your camera but resetting your camera setting such as ISO, Aperture, single auto-focus, shutter speed is mostly still in view.

But the common mistake that you make is switching back to manual focus and forgetting about it.

So always check your camera setting before you capture the images and videos.

3. Not Reviewing Images on LCD

Not reviewing your images on LCD

If you’re not reviewing images on LCD before sending them out to your clients then you should start doing it now.

Checking the results after each photoshoot on a bigger and wider screen helps you get a better understanding of the pictures and you will quickly get hold of any error in the pictures.

Reviewing images on LCD directly means that you can zoom in 100% and detect the sharpness of your images.

4. Not Finding Your Unique Style

Not having your unique style

You as a photographer will develop your own style eventually after a certain period of time and that will be called your own unique style.

This unique style will attract clients for your style and not developing your own style is one common mistake every beginner photographer make.

5. Not Editing Your Pictures in Post-Production

Mistakes every beginner photographer must avoid- Not editing your pictures

There will be many people telling you that in photography, you just need to capture the perfect picture with your camera.

No doubt that your picture should be perfect and should have good composition but post-production is also important.

For portrait photography, editing is really important to get the end result perfect.

It’s a Wrap!

Lastly, the one mistake every beginner photographer should avoid in their journey is to stop learning and stop growing their knowledge.

If you’re a beginner photographer who’s trying to make it big in the industry or even if you’re an experienced one, you should never stop learning new skills.

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