What is Portrait Photography?

5 Portrait Photography Tips You Must Know

Are you Portrait Photographer wanting to know the Portrait Photography tips?

If so, you must stay till the end to crack the secret code to portrait photography.

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. But in order to capture the right emotions in portrait photography, you must know a few Portrait photography tips and tricks.

There are all kinds of things to think about when shooting portraits lighting, depth-of-field, composition and it can be easy to get frustrated when one little thing goes wrong.

What is Portrait Photography?

What is Portrait Photography?

Portrait Photography is nothing but photographing people or groups to capture a subject’s personality using flattering lights, backgrounds, and posing.

Portrait photography is one of the most popular types of photography, yet it has many different meanings depending on who you ask.

Traditional portraits are lovely, but with a little imagination, you may achieve some spectacular results.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Direct & Communicate with your Subject

Communicate & Direct your Model

Capturing someone you barely know may seem daunting and you might even end up not having a conversation with them at all.

But it’s obvious that the model you’re shooting with is as uncomfortable as you or even more.

As a portrait photographer, it’s your job to direct your model, make them feel comfortable, and have a real conversation with them.

You can hold the meeting before the shoot with your client, show them your work, let them know how phenomenal a photographer you are.

2. Choose a Location that has Perfect Lights

Choose a location that has perfect lights

Lights may have become your best friend until now as a photographer especially when you’re more of the outdoor photographer.

While suggesting or choosing an outdoor location for the shoot, you must always go for a place that has a good amount of natural lights coming in.

But remember, too many lights can lead to unappealing portraits as harsh, flat, or distracting light is something portrait photographers must avoid.

3. Have Variations in the Poses

Have varitaions in the poses

Though directing poses that go well with a brand is useful, but you should always have variations in order to have plenty of shots to choose from.

But always remember, your subject will not be comfortable with all the poses that you suggest.

This doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your posing guides. You can give your model lots of room to be spontaneous from time to time.

4. Leaving Everything on Post-production

Post Production

Post-production is indeed important when it comes to portrait photography tips but you shouldn’t rely on it totally.

You always have a number of portraits that’s convincing enough to your clients even without it needing retouching.

Leaving everything on post-production can end up giving you images that are not compelling enough.

5. Focus on Your Subject 

Leaving too much space above your subject's head

When you leave too much space above your subject’s head, your audience’ focus might shift to everything but your subject.

So next time when you capture portraits, make sure you leave space and focus more on the subject.

Final Words!

These Portrait Photography tips will surely help you shoot the best photography shots and build a great clientele.

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