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5 Product Photography Tips for Beginners

Photographing products for catalogues, websites, brochures, and commercials is known as product photography.

They’re the people behind the sleek images you see in every Instagram ad, iPhone commercial, and Amazon product page—the perfect product photo can sometimes be the decisive factor in a sale.

If you’re shooting with the purpose of selling, you’ll want each product photo to portray the subject in the best light possible.

A strobe or Speedlight can help, but if you play your cards properly, you might not even need one to obtain a spectacular product photo.

Let’s dive deep into understanding the product photography tips that can help you perfectly.

1. Lifestyle vs. Seamless


Seamless paper is a photography technique for creating the illusion of a seamless background—if you’ve ever seen a product photo over white, black, or any other colour, this is likely the method behind the look.

When most people think of product photography, they think of seamless photography, however many brands now use a combination of seamless and lifestyle photography in their catalogues.

2. Shooting with Narrow Aperture

When filming for other people, this is especially true. A small aperture guarantees that all of the product’s details are in focus.

Shooting with a strobe or outdoors can assist a lot—you won’t always be able to close down to f/8 or f/16 otherwise, but you can typically aim for f/4 at the widest aperture.

It’s also worth noting that you should shoot with a focal length of at least 50mm, preferably more.

3. Illuminate Every Detail

Reflectors, bounce cards, and any ambience in the vicinity of your shooting area can all help.

If you’re shooting against a white seamless cyc, properly illuminating the product from all angles will let you remove the backdrop much more easily.

This will be simple if you have numerous lights to deal with.

If not, shooting outside or in rooms with light walls will help you fill in any unattractive shadows that are stealing your subject’s radiance.

4. A Tripod to keep you Sturdy

When using a professional flash, this is especially true. If you can only shoot with a shutter speed of 1/200 at the fastest, you’ll need a bit of extra stability to ensure a sharp image.

Camera stabilisation, such as a gimbal, a dolly, or a shoulder mount, can all help you generate a buttery-smooth line of motion as you swoop in and out, highlighting each feature, for things like product video.

You won’t have to worry about jerking the customer out of a successful transaction ever again.

5. Party Gels should be left at home


It’s like going to a wedding in white. The object you’re photographing should be the star of the show.

Unless you’re shooting lives at a carnival or anything like outlandish, anything more extravagant than technical correctors or cosmetic gels will usually simply serve to distract the viewer from the point. Keep it simple, fresh, clean, and bright.

Final Words!

It’s incredibly easy to make a product appear spectacular.

It won’t be tough to put a good and tempting spin on your business using the correct product photography techniques if you believe in it.

Take it out on the town after the official studio session, put it to work, and show it off in its natural environment; at the customer’s side.


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