5 Ways to Make Your Clients Comfortable During Photoshoots

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Are you a photographer looking out for ways to make your clients comfortable during a photoshoot?

Read on till the end to know the trick to making your clients comfortable during a shoot.

Everyone feels discomfort during a photoshoot especially when someone is getting a photoshoot done for the first time.

As a photographer, it is your job to make your clients feel comfortable during a shoot be it for the first or for the 100th time.

In order to take the perfect shot, your clients need to connect with you but that doesn’t mean you walk out with a new best friend.

Here’s how you as a photographer can make your clients comfortable during a shoot.

First, Make Yourself Comfortable

make yourslef comfortable

Before you try to make your clients comfortable, try to relax yourself first because if you yourself aren’t comfortable around them, how will they? 

Even if your subject isn’t aware of your discomfort, they will pick any part of it. Most of the photographers are people-friendly but if you’re not you’ll need to start being more comfortable around your clients. 

Show them your Previous Photoshoots

show them your previous photoshoots

After you start the photoshoot, if you still feel that they are uncomfortable, then show them your previous pictures. 

Maybe they are not sure about your skills or they are getting their shoot done for the first time. 

Or your can also show some of their good pictures to regain their confidence and hopefully they’ll feel comfortable around you. 

Interact with them, Compliment them 

compliment your clients

Break the ice, this is one of the best ways to make your clients comfortable around you. 

Interact with them and compliment them, talk about something that is not related to the shoot.

This will help your clients shift their focus and they will worry less about how they are looking at the moment. 

Be prepared to take some good pictures as your clients would be relaxed till now. 

Help them with the Poses 

help them with poses

One thing that makes people the most uncomfortable is that they don’t know how to pose for a photograph. 

They will always have questions such as, where do I place my hands? Are my legs looking weird? Am I looking good in the pictures? 

Help them with the poses that best suits them and suggest them some new ones. 

Show them how good they look in the pose that you suggested and see how their confidence goes up with every picture. 

Lastly, don’t touch them without their Consent 

Take consent to make your clients comfortable

Some photographers get so used to making their clients comfortable that they forget that they are supposed to ask them before touching them. 

Your intentions are most probably good, but you don’t really know how your clients will react to it. 

Trying to make them more comfortable you might make them uncomfortable with your act. 

Wrapping Up! 

Another way to make your client comfortable is by planning the whole session beforehand so you don’t rush your clients. 

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