Accelerate Your Business With Wedlancer!

Are you a Wedding Freelancer looking for business opportunities across the Wedding industry? If your answer to this question is a big YES, then you have landed at the right place!

We bring to you India’s first-ever platform specially curated for Wedding Industry Freelancers and one of the most sought-after platforms – ‘Wedlancer’ that gives freelancers several opportunities to showcase their work and get nationwide exposure. ‘Wedlancer’ also helps firm owners to find local talent easily and effectively which results in saving travel costs. At ‘Wedlancer’, freelancers get opportunities to meet experts of the industry and interact with them. Moreover, they can also find mentors at every stage of their career to not only seek guidance but also accelerate growth. 


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Grow and build your business with ‘Wedlancer’ where you can explore and find thousands of verified freelancers that match your criteria.


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Not sure about selecting the right freelancer for your business? Scroll through a number of professional portfolios and check out the reviews from other vendors that are sure to help you pick the right freelancer!


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Connect with suitable freelancers in one go by simply entering contact details! 



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Looking for freelance photographers to capture your special moments? Get a list of the top verified photographers here. All you have to do is scroll through the list and find your perfect requirement.


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Have you been looking out for Cinematographers across the creative industry? You will find all of them at ‘Wedlancer’. Find your dream Cinematographer by scrolling through a set of profiles and read along the reviews given by other vendors to find the most suitable Cinematographer across the industry.


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Have a set of videos and films but don’t know how to edit them professionally? Hire the top professional video editors from the creative industry smoothly.


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Want to preserve your memories forever? Hire professional album makers across the industry who will not only make creative albums but also preserve your memories forever.


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Edit your photographs professionally by hiring the top photo editors of the industry. Simply scroll through the professional profile portfolios and find a suitable photo editor in no time!

We have all been through the rigorous process of finding the right freelancer for our requirements. This process is time consuming most of the time we fail to find the right freelancer. The platform ‘Wedlancer’ has made this process ten times easier and even more efficient.

Wedlancer’ not only helps business owners and freelancers to connect but also gives them a wide range of opportunities from finding mentors to seeking guidance, all in one go! Isn’t it amazing to have such a versatile platform among us? 

So what’s the wait for? Stop that traditional process of searching and switch to the digital process of finding the right freelancer in the creative industry!

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