The Smart Career Guide To Help You Become A Successful Ad Filmmaker.

Ad filmmaking is a craft of storytelling and visual creation! If you are looking for a career away from the cliché of a 9 to 5 job in an office, then ad filmmaking is definitely for you! There’s no fixed work routine here. You just have to go where your creative mind takes you.

     The universal box office revenue is expected to grow from 40 million to approximately 55 million in 2021, and channels like Netflix now have approximately 142 million subscribers worldwide. With incredibly roaring statistics, don’t ever doubt your career path as an ad filmmaker!

     Without wasting any time, let’s get you reading this complete career guide, that covers practically everything you need to know about making a successful career in the ad filmmaking industry.

What Is The Role Of An Ad Filmmaker?

 Ad filmmakers develop the visualized intention of an advertiser into moving images/videos. They are the producers, directors and the mind behind the incredible ads. The advertising agencies and the ad filmmakers come together, share their knowledge, plan and create a well-executed ad. These ad filmmakers aren’t just directors, they are the creative minds who bring abstract ideas to life. 

The advertising industry of India has earned recognition at international events such as Cannes Lions, The New York Adfest etc. 

Scope of Ad Filmmaking:-

        With the increasing popularity of digital networks and channels, the industry is looking out for new talents, perspectives and creative stories. Perhaps, your dream of working with renowned industry names like Yash Raj Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Marvel Studios, etc. will all come true someday!

Skills Required For An Ad Filmmaker:-

      Have you ever noticed the details in a movie? The sound of the birds chirping, the details in a drop of water and its trickling sound, the background music, the accuracy of every short? That’s exactly what an ad filmmaker requires, an eye for detail. Apart from all of these, there are other skills like:

  1. Vision:

The transparency of what the story is, where it will be heading, how it will be performed etc. are all a part of the filmmaker’s vision for the particular film.

  1. Creativity:

The urge of expressing creativity through visual stories is the craft of an ad filmmaker. You need to be creative enough to tell your abstract story to the world.

  1. Storytelling:

You need to ace your storytelling skills to ensure that all your thoughts, dialogues, characters, actions, go in one direction and deliver one story.

Career Building In Ad Filmmaking:-

Any graduate with a passion for transforming stories from print to film can become an ad filmmaker. It is a profession for creative minds with an ability to learn on the spot. Once you earn a diploma in the course of advertising after graduation in any discipline, you can pursue a certificate or a diploma course in film, television and digital video production to gain experience in this profession.

     Keep working on different films and build networks by communicating and connecting with people of the creative industry. You never know, the Oscars and the Emmys might be waiting for you!

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