Akash Das - Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photographer

Akash Das is an acclaimed Art Wildlife Photographer and he is also an expert in Advertising, Fashion, and Fine Art Photography.

He has already done 10 solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries of Miami, Paris, Hamburg, Chicago, and India.

Akash Das is based in Delhi and operates out of Delhi, Mumbai and Paris.

He is considered to be one of the most successful photographers in India.

Akash Das spent his 4 years in the Himalayas and he stayed in caves, jungles, and ashrams.

He is a Yoga enthusiast and he used to do a lot of yoga in his young days.

He has done his Graduation from the Delhi College of Arts which was a 5 years course that helped him be more focused.

He believes that you need to be focused on what you do and practise it every day to be better at it.

Initially, photography started just as a hobby for Akash Das but later he became very passionate about it. Photography is now his passion and Profession.

“My Eye is my Camera”- Akash Das

He doesn’t follow any photographer and he believes in following himself, his passion, his way of thinking and that is the reason his genre is ‘Art of Wildlife photography’.

He is a self-taught photographer, he did his research, read books, and picked the camera and started his journey.

He was the creative director of Uttar Pradesh Tourism for which he got a lot of appreciation.

He has been awarded several prestigious awards but a notable award was “10 most influential people in the photography industry.’

Akash is the only photographer whose black and white exhibition called ‘In Search of Asian Nudes’ got engraved in Limca Book of World Records as the first of its kind in the World.

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