Ana Brandt - Newborn and Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer

Ana, one of the most recognised Newborn and Maternity Photographer who has been in the industry since 1999.

She has worked with several celebs such as Adrian Young, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Drew, Sienna Guillory, etc.

She is the founder of Ana Brandt Photography

Ana, mother of 3 children runs her studio in Tustin, California and travels for photoshoots worldwide.

She has a large fan following over her social media channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Her YouTube channel anabrandtvideos has over 34 million views and 197k subscribers!

Her Instagram page anabrandt has over 243k Followers with some of the most adorable newborn and maternity pictures.

With her immense love for photography, she is also an International Educator and has trained in over 32 countries across the world.

Ana is a Profoto Ambassador, a certified photographic Craftsman with professional photographers of America and has taught on a worldwide platform, Creative Live.

She’s also a designer and a founder of Belly Baby Wear which is an online store that sells in over 80 countries.

Ana is truly multi-talented as she has also published her own books on Maternity and Belly Baby Summit.

She led over 20 photographers in an online teaching platform that distributed free training platform to more than 10,000 photographers.

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