3 Common Mistakes To Avoid As A Cinematographer!

We have watched many films, shorts and videos where we could make out that the cinematographer must be an amateur. Most of the time, there are some mistakes in filmmaking which a professional cinematographer will never make. In every shot, there is at least one mistake that can be noticed easily and this is not what you want.

If you constantly work hard and practice to overcome these flaws, you could make a wonderful film.

But are you finding it difficult to point out your mistakes? Don’t know how to find petty flaws?

Let us break few common mistakes that are found in the various disciplines of filmmaking ( you could refer to this once you have completed filming) :


You must have a good knowledge of lighting as it enhances the frames and makes your inexpensive production look classy. There are millions of resources to learn lighting techniques like ebooks, online videos, tutorials, webinars, articles, blogs and more. Our best advice is to observe films that are most recognized or known for excellent Cinematography

While you observe films, try to find the different sources of lights in a particular scene and how they play with the highlights, midtones and shadows. Modern digital cameras can capture crisp images in low light as well. You should always remember or not down your light placements to maintain professional continuity of the shots. If you miss out on the continuity your viewers will notice it instantly.


Bad audio can quickly ruin an incredible film. You may have great actors who act to the best of their ability, great screenplay, outstanding visuals and an interesting place. But, if your audio is full of unwanted noise or poor sound, your film will turn dull. Your film will just turn out to be unwatchable. Often, this happens if you record the audio from your inbuilt camera recorder. 

Now, If you are falling short on budget, the only money you should put into your film is on the shotguns, microphones and recorders. We recommend you buy or hire a professional audio system for your movies. They make or break your film. The good sound makes your film look professional. We suggest you shoot in silent locations to avoid these bad unwanted sounds.




Often, editing jerks happen when you cut a shot and add another shot without checking the continuity. It unknowingly disturbs the flow of the film. The movement of the shots in the scene doesn’t look smooth and your shots turned out to look shabby. Avoid ignoring the continuity of the film and cut your shots carefully and precisely.

Make certain that you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes! This will help you film flawless movies and get better at your profession. 

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