Last Date Of Entry 28th February 2023

1. What is the eligibility for participating in the awards?

The awards are open to individuals and companies who have shot films and images between 1st Jan 2021 to Last Date Of Submission.

2. Can I register if I don’t live in India?

Photographers and filmmakers from anywhere in the world can apply for the awards.

3. Who can participate?

Photographers and Filmmakers From Any Genre Can participate.

4. How can I register?

*Registration and payment can be done online at https://www.capturingwow.com/awards

*A confirmation email will be sent to you once the payment is done

*Further, a form will be sent through email where you will be uploading your entries

*Once you submit the form, our team will go through the entries, incase of any missed details or incomplete fields the team will reach out to you

5. What is the entry fee?

₹5999 + Taxes will be your total per entry/category fee.

6. Can I participate in all the categories?

Definitely yes! You can participate in all the categories with multiple entries.

7. Can I enter the same picture or a film for multiple categories?

Yes, the same image or film can to be entered in multiple categories if it represents that category.

8. Can I submit the watermarked images and films?

No. Any images or films with a watermark or logo will be rejected and the image cannot be replaced by another one later.

9. Can I send the images and films through any other medium?

No. We will be accepting images and film uploads only through the online form provided.

10. What are the judging criterias?

The images and the films will be judged based on composition, aesthetics, angles, lighting &  creativity.

11. How can I make the payment?

You can log onto https://capturingwow.com/awards. Click on the submit entry button. Fill in the details in the pop-up form, click on the submit. Select the categories and number of entries you want to participate in. Click the Checkout at the below of the cart. Once the payment is done you will receive a link to submit your entry.

12. Can anybody on the website view my entries?

No. Your entries are not visible to anyone.

13. Can I delete and resubmit the images and films in case I upload the wrong image?

No. Once the entries are uploaded, they can’t be resubmitted.