As a photographer, every click of the camera brings with it a new challenge. From capturing the perfect shot to the complicated process of photo sharing, each step tests your skills and patience. One of the most daunting challenges is photo sharing with your clients.  No matter how masterfully you’ve captured a moment, if it doesn’t reach your clients promptly and polishedly, all your efforts will have been for nothing. But fear not, dear photographer, for there is a magical tool that can make photo sharing a breeze. Introducing Kwikpic, an A.I.-powered photo-sharing app, that will make all your photo-sharing worries disappear in a puff of smoke. With Kwikpic as a photo-sharing platform, you can bid farewell to the days of fumbling with file formats and resolution. Say hello to a world of hassle-free photo sharing that will help you take your photography to new heights.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the top 10 reasons why Kwikpic is a lifesaving photo-sharing platform for photographers and how it simplifies the photo-sharing process:

Create Groups

Kwikpic is a photo-sharing app that helps photographers like you easily share and organize photos with clients. With Kwikpic, you can create groups for different occasions and add clients. Then, upload all your photos to the relevant groups and let Kwikpic’s AI technology sort and organize them.

Privacy Control

At Kwikpic, we understand the importance of privacy in today’s era of data breaches. That’s why we give you complete control over your groups and photos, allowing you to create private and public groups and set their privacy levels as desired. Small Personal Group: In a small, personal group, all members will have access to all photos within the group, including their own.  Big Public Group: In a Big public group, members can only view their own photos and selected highlights from the group.

You can give people, like the person who organized an event, permission to see all the photos in a group by giving them a full-access link instead of making them a group admin.

QR Codes

With Kwikpic, adding new members to your group is a breeze. Simply generate a QR Code for your group and share it with your clients. Whether it be printing it out or displaying it on your website, your clients can easily join your group by scanning the code, saving you the hassle of sending individual invites. It’s that easy!

Facial Recognition

Kwikpic makes things easy for you. It saves you time and prevents your clients from having to search for photos. With its accurate facial recognition feature, Kwikpic sorts your photos sends them to the appropriate people, and notifies them.

Upload Photos

Uploading photos to various groups can be tedious and time-consuming for photographers who take a large number of photos. Kwikpic makes this process easier by offering several uploading options:

  1. From Your Computer: Kwikpic lets you upload your pictures from your computer by selecting them individually.
  2. One-Shot Upload: If you have a whole folder of photos that you want to upload, you can use the one-shot upload feature to save time. The best part is that this feature can also detect subfolders within the main folder and upload your photos to the corresponding subfolders on the website.
  3. Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox Link:  You can upload all your photos directly from cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox by using the drive link. And you can monitor the upload progress in real-time.

Restrict Download

Kwikpic has a feature that helps you manage your clients’ access to your photos. You can use the download setting to control your clients’ access to your photos, and you can disable their ability to download photos until they pay, giving you more control in dealing with difficult clients.

Design Your Groups

Kwikpic allows you to showcase your photography in an elegant way that complements your work and attracts potential clients. You can make your group gallery look as beautiful as your photos with different gallery styles, fonts, colors, and other options. Photography is an art, and it deserves a stunning display.

Client’s Favorites

Kwikpic has a “Client Favorites” feature that makes it easy for photographers to work with clients. Clients can mark the photos they want to be edited and printed and add comments for further editing before final delivery. This way, clients can easily keep their favorite photos and add comments like “Print them” instead of sending a separate folder of selected photos back to the photographer. This feature allows photographers to easily find, review and edit the client’s selected photos in one convenient location.

For example, If a wedding photographer has 1,000 photos that he has sent to his client, and the client only wants to print 100 of them, the photographer can easily find which 100 the client has marked as favorites using this feature.

Quality Control

Imagine capturing an extraordinary moment ruined by poor-quality compression while sharing it from another photo-sharing app. That’s not right. With Kwikpic, you don’t have to worry about that. Unlike other platforms, Kwikpic, a dedicated photo-sharing platform, allows you to store and share your photos without losing quality. 

Additionally, with Kwikpic’s premium plans, your clients can download the photographs in two different sizes to choose the best fit for their needs.

  1. Kwikpic’s default optimized quality
  2. Original quality

Create Your Own Brand

Growing your photography business and reeling in those coveted clients can be daunting. But with Kwikpic by your side, you have a secret weapon to help you stand out and make a lasting impression. Kwikpic’s branding feature allows you to personalize your content and keep your brand at the forefront of your potential clients’ minds.

From watermarking your photos to customizing your portfolio, Kwikpic has covered you in every way possible to ensure your brand shines through every client interaction.

  1. Brand name
  2.  Brand logo
  3.  Website
  4.  Social media handles
  5.  Contact information

Wrapping Up

Kwikpic is a tool that helps photographers in managing the non-photography aspects of their work, so they can focus on taking pictures. This article taught you about ten ways Kwikpic, a photo-sharing platform, can make a photographer’s job easier. 

There are many more benefits to using Kwikpic. If you want to learn more, you can try it out yourself. Sign up for Kwikpic, your smart photo photo-sharing,  to see all its benefits in managing your photography career.

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