A successful cinematographer, like any other creative artist, must always seek out new ways to hone their skills. It’s easy to say “practice, practice, practice,” but it’s more difficult to come up with unique and practical ways to enhance your knowledge base on a daily basis. Making movies is more than a skill. Years of experience are required to develop a consistent skill and a strong eye for filmmaking. It’s the difference between outstanding cinematography and cliched filmmaking. What is cinematography, exactly? You’ve certainly heard the term a million times, but what exactly is it?

What is Cinematography?

Cinematography is the art and practice of visually capturing a narrative in motion pictures. Cinematography, technically, is the art and science of recording light, either electronically on an image sensor or chemically on film. Cinematography is the art of creating images that appear on a screen, and its name comes from the Greek word “writing with movement.” A collection of pictures that work together to tell a story. Each shot is composed by cinematography, who considers where everything in the frame demands attention.

Let’s dive deep and get to know what exactly is the best practice to improve your Cinematography skills.

1.Take up Photography

It’s simple and true: cinematography and photography share many of the same fundamentals. In photography, though, the stakes are higher because a single picture must optimise all of its features to communicate a sensation and tell a story. Framing concepts like the rule of thirds, focus, and foreground, middle ground, and backdrop are just as significant as camera settings like exposure, colour temperature, and depth of field.

2. Framing is Crucial