Are you an individual artist, or a budding videographer wanting to know budget-friendly ways to shoot a music video?

Whether you're a videographer, filmmaker or artist, an amazingly composed music video can help you get the recognition you deserve. However, as a newcomer to the over-saturated music and filmmaking industries, your resources may not be enough. Hence, you'll need a budget-friendly way out to shoot a music video that will get you recognition for your work.

Let's get started!

1. Find a Free yet Incredible Location

The location of your music video can either make or break your video. Let's face it, you as an aspiring videographer or musician are competing with artists that are already there at the top. The venue that you decide on should be unique, reflecting your music, and be free. You can collaborate with the venue owner and convince them that your video is going to be a hit and they'll get free promotion. You can also drive through your city in search of an incredible public location that will cost nothing but strong research. Mountains, cafe's, metro stations, gorgeous landscapes, or anything that best suits the music you're planning to shoot.

2. Natural Lights for the Win

If you're planning to shoot in daylight, the best light to go for is natural light. Remember to shoot only when it's sunny and to add more magic in your shoot, go for golden hour. The most preferable time of the day to shoot a music video is the moment right before sunrise or sunset.  Most of the videographers choose to shoot during this time because they believe the earth is painted with a gorgeous golden tint during this hour.

3. Rent a Camera

You can't use your smartphone to shoot a music video (of course). Hence you can try renting a camera instead. Renting a camera during your hustle days will surely give you the best return than shooting on a smartphone. Yes, now many smartphones can help you get a good music video but a professional camera is much more easy and convenient for aspiring artists.

4. Collaborate with artists

There are many artists in the world that are looking to build their portfolio and would be more than happy to work for free. Look for them, give them an overview of what you're trying to do and how it will help them build their portfolio. Creative students are always ready to grab an opportunity just to learn something new and experiment with their work. Try hiring them and get assisted by young & creative minds. Also, be ready for some bomb ideas for your music video.

5. Use a Drone (if possible)

Aerial effect in a music video can boost the production value of your music video, which is only possible with a drone. If you don't own one, try landing a free one or a rented one. Even if you shoot just one clip with a drone, it will change the whole game for you.

Final Thoughts!

These were the top 5 ways to shoot a music video when you have a tight budget with no to minimal funds.

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