The creative lighting techniques in wedding photography are something you must learn to beautify your wedding images effortlessly. According to Nitin Arora, Photography is all about light, the way light wraps a moment, and the way it paints emotions, light shapes our perception and defines the entire photography world. Nitin says lighting determines not only brightness or darkness, but also the tone, mood, and even the atmosphere of the image. Hence, it’s necessary to control and manipulate light correctly to get the best texture, vibrancy, and color to see n the subject.

Who’s Nitin Arora?

If you’re a budding photographer, you must be kidding if you don’t already know who Nitin Arora is. But it’s okay! Here’s something you should know about Nitin Arora and you’ll know why he’s the best mentor to speak on this topic. Nitin Arora, a professional wedding photographer, is also a postgraduate in Journalism. An Official Photo Mentor for Canon India, Nitin also conducts Photography workshops for Samsung India. A dreamer, traveler, and explorer at heart, he celebrates his life through his camera by capturing vivid, candid, and breathtaking moments. When it comes to Nitin Arora Photography, his better half Shanaya is the voice and soul behind the organization. Nitin and Shanaya have been featured on Sabyasachi, the WeddingSutra, NDTV, MTV, Vogue, and Reebok to name a few. Having an Instagram following of over 48.6K, this Delhi-based award-winning photographer has captured 400+ weddings already.

Let’s dive deep into the top 5 creative lighting techniques in Wedding Photography by Nitin Arora.

What are the Creative Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers?

The word photography itself means drawing with light.

Just as painters paint the canvas with their brushes, Photographers also paint an image by capturing light particles on a film.

1. Learn How to See the Light

Nitin says, knowing how to see the light is the key factor in the trait of a photographer. If you don’t know from where the light is coming and where you have to give, then you’ll not be able to achieve your light skills. It’s the most fundamental photographic skill and is also the hardest and most time-consuming skill to learn. Learning how to see the light takes a lot of time and experience.

2. The Position of the Light Matters

You should know from which direction is the light coming to your subject, then it’ll definitely ruin your image. Understanding the source of the light is very important and you must know from where the light is coming, be it natural or artificial. Imagine an image without light, it will be just an image without anything. Hence, it is very important to know the position of the light.

3. Look For Natural Lights

While creating wedding pictures, you will come across a lot of natural lights coming from windows, doors, etc. Look for them and accordingly place your subject there to create beautiful images without using any artificial light.

4. Create Unique Images using Different Forms of Light

There are various forms of lights such as Front light, Backlight, Cut light, Rim light, and Fill light, that you can use to create beautiful images. If you try incorporating these lights, you’ll be able to create unique images with every shot and your clients will get variations in their images.

5. Know the Light’s Intensity, Colour, & Direction

Weddings are always stressful for a photographer, finding the perfect light becomes difficult. Once you master the art of knowing the Intensity, Colour, and Direction of the lights, you’ll be able to create stunning images in the worst lights.

Final Thoughts!

Creating unique, beautiful, and stunning images becomes easy when you learn the art and master it. We hope these 5 Creative lighting techniques for wedding photographers will help you give your best shot at the wedding.

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