Are you a photographer who's wanting to know the easy Diwali home d'cor ideas?

The festival of lights is here and one thing that excites everyone the most is the preparations in Indian households. Diwali is the festival where everyone dresses up, lightens up their home, and decorate their homes to get the Diwali vibe.

This Diwali, up your home d'cor game and click some aesthetic pictures with these ideas.

1. Play with Different Lights

Of course, there will be enough lights in the festival of lights but to get aesthetic Diwali, you need to keep it minimal. Lights like Fairy or string lights are something that can give you minimalist Diwali home d'cor ideas while allowing you to get bomb pictures.You can utilise various lighting arrangements to keep the space glowed for a larger impact. Wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, downlights, and another lighting, in addition to ambient and ceiling lights, are required to bring each corner to life. You may also incorporate candles into the design to enhance the delicate glow.

2. Layer Lightings to Create Different Moods

The appropriate lighting can completely change the look of a room. Whether you're having a cool photoshoot, an intimate dinner or a massive Diwali event. incorporating a blend of ambient, accent, and task lights allow you to set the proper ambience. Placed near the chairs, table lamps offer an added layer of brightness to the space. Accent lighting, such as recessed or track lighting, can be aimed to create a focal point. Layering different lights like lamps, accent lights to add a glowy texture to your pictures will allow you to capture some minimal themed Diwali pictures. 

3. Get Unique & Creative with Outdoor Lightings

Organise a play of brightness and shadows by placing lights at various heights. Accent lights can be used to draw attention to a specific portion of the landscape or to highlight an architectural tree, plant, water feature, or sculpture. Outdoor lightings will allow you to click aesthetic yet unique pictures in the dark that none of your peers would have thought of. 

4. Mix and match different styles

For a stylish yet aesthetic Diwali decor, try combining different forms of traditional and combination lights. During Diwali, you will find a large variety of crafts and lights in your local stores. They are affordable and will surely spring up your Diwali decor.  You can add all your different forms of lights in a lantern or Kandil to get the wholesome Diwali wali feeling. 

5. Choose Lightings that Lasts all Year 

Lightings can be used for photoshoots all year long so choose lighting that suits all festivals or even on days when there's no festival. A good quality, hefty chandelier or pendant light that complements your home decor in Diwali. It can help you create a true spectacle that will enhance your space even when it is turned off.

Wrapping Up! 

This Diwali, don't just capture a usual shot, but go above & beyond with your creativity and make a statement that everyone drools over.  These ideas will surely make your audience go mad over your Diwali home decor and pictures with different forms of lights. 

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