As a Newbie Travel Photographer, you’ll always be confused and skeptical about what gear you must have for travel photography. The camera is an important gadget to carry but with that, you’ll need to have accessories that help you click better pictures. But before diving into the must-have gears for newbie travel photographers, let’s get to know what exactly Travel Photography is.

What is Travel Photography?

Travel Photography is a genre of photography that focuses on documenting a particular landscape, people, culture, customs, history, etc. Travel photography is one of the fewest genres that is open in terms of the subject it covers. In simple words, you can capture anything and everything. Many Travel Photographers specialize in aspects such as travel portraits, landscape, documentary photography, etc. This genre of photography involves shooting a wide range of subjects under different conditions or weather. As travel photography has become more accessible, it has attracted more and more amateur photographers while being one of the most underrated genres.

What are the Must-Have Gears for Newbie Travel Photographers?

You need to be spontaneous and always ready to capture your subject in travel photography. And for that, you’ll need to have all the accessories in place so that you never miss out on any shot.

1. Head Lamp & Flash Lights

Head Lamp & Flash Lights

When on a travel trip, you’ll probably be up till dawn and you’ll need some illumination to cover it up. Whether you’re shooting landscapes in Iceland or on a safari in Africa, you won’t miss out on a perfect shot just because you didn’t have a flash or headlamp. Having a flashlight is useful although headlamps offer a pretty wide beam, a flashlight will help you focus on the foreground objects.

Pro tip: Just keep the camera on the live view at 100% magnification and then pour the light on your subject to focus manually.

2. Travel Tripod

Silhouette of Person Standing Near a Tripod Under Green Sky With Stars. Travel Tripods are typically the ones with 4 or 5-section tripods which are much smaller, lighter, and portable. Ideal for every travel photographer. Today, tripods have become much easier to carry and you’ll get a variety of options so you can go for the best that suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to use a cable release so that you don’t introduce any vibration from your hand to your system while doing exposures.

3. Rugged Hard Drives

Needless to say, you’ll need a way to back up all your images on the go. You’ve already spent a lot of your money in getting all the accessories and you shouldn’t save a few bucks by buying the cheapest drive. Lacie has some of the best robust hard drives that you can rely on which will definitely save you.

4. Camera Rain Cover

 A decent rain cover is something that you’ll need as a Travel Photographer.  Rain is a common occurrence in many hotter climates in the afternoon, and the stunning sky of Asia’s monsoon season is actually a strong reason to visit during that time. Using a rain cover allows you to experiment in these situations, and while getting fantastic images in the rain is often more difficult. You’ll often find something amazing that you would have missed otherwise.

5. Cleaning kit 

Person Cleaning Camera Lens

You wouldn’t want to get stuck halfway around the world with a big speck of dirt on your sensor.  Most of the cameras these days have got a sensor that vibrates when you turn them on or off. And this keeps the majority of dust particles at bay.  There are tons of options you can choose from when choosing a cleaning kit for your lenses. All you need to take care of is you need to carry something while going for travel photography. 

Final Words!

Finally, we have come to an end with this value-bomb article that helps you with the Must-have gear for newbie travel photographers.  Other accessories that you must carry with you are Rechargeable batteries, a rock-solid backpack, memory cards, camera straps, and last but not least, Insurance.  You must always get an insurance policy for all your gear whether you’re travelling or not. But ensure any insurance you have covers you for your planned trip.

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