Who are the Photographers that went above & beyond to capture an image? The trend of going viral on the internet can make anyone do anything for a picture. There are so many photographers that have gone to the extent that not everyone could. For some, likes, shares, and comments can boost their confidence. Or they might just think that the more extreme it is, the more likely you’re going to stand out in the crowd.

What is going Above and beyond for a Picture?

Everyone clicks pictures, but only some are courageous enough to go above & beyond for a picture. Some genres of photography such as wildlife photography, street photography, etc where most of the photographers are more courageous.

Let's look at some of the top photos that will make you go WOW!

The Selfie with Cheetah

The Selfie with Cheetah

Kim Wolhunter, a wildlife photographer, spent six weeks in Botswana with a family of cheetahs in Mashatu Game Reserve. He appeared to be a bit too near for comfort when he handed up his big toe to the pack's mother, and in other photographs, he was seen taking a selfie with his back to the large cats. According to Wolhunter, who spoke to the Daily Mail, She appeared to be putting me to the test, just like a pet cat would with its owner. I was never afraid since her conduct was not dangerous. She was interested and trustworthy, so it was crucial that I transmit those thoughts and was as secure as possible in what I was doing.

The Photo above Brazil's Statue of Christ

Many people travel all the way to Rio De Janeiro to see the spectacle of Brazil's statue Christ, the Redeemer which is 98 ft tall excluding its 26 ft pedestal. But people always preferred to visit it safely from the ground below. Although travel blogger Lee Thompson was dissatisfied with the custom, he was able to climb all the way to the summit of the monument. Inside, the 12 flights of stairs take about 25 minutes to walk all the way up, and he got so high up that his head was about to pop out the top a that quite literally stole my breath away, Thompson wrote on his blog.

A Rare Picture with Jellyfish

A Photographer named Nadia Aly captured this astonishing picture with lots of gorgeous jellyfish. In Koror, Palau, she dove into the deepest depths of a lake. She soon found herself surrounded by millions of jellyfish, which is most likely why this location is known as Jellyfish Lake. On her website, Aly, the proprietor of ScubaDiverLife.com, stated, When I finally spotted them, I was taken aback by the sheer number of jellyfish in the area. I was scared since they were literally all around me, and I didn't want to harm any with my fin movement.

World's Closest Shark Selfie

While diving at Aliwal Shoal reef off the coast of Umkomaas, South Africa, Filmmaker Aaron Gekokshi captured the world's closest shark selfie. More than 30 sharks surrounded him during his perilous attempt, and he snapped away, hoping for the perfect shot before exiting the shark-infested water. According to The Evening Standard, One of the sharks became agitated and grabbed my camera. With that one, I might have easily lost my fingers.

Up There Above

17-year-old Ervin Punkar posed for the above selfie on top of a 600ft television tower in Estonia because he wanted to be on TV. He risked his own life and that of two other friends, 19-year-old Keivo Pint, and 17-year-old  Uluots, as they climbed the Tartu TV mast two years ago. Punkar, a budding filmmaker who documented the entire event with a GoPro camera, said, The view from up there is incredible; it's breathtaking. Getting there was actually pretty cool it took us about an hour to get to the top, but we stopped frequently to rest and simply take in the view. Although it wasn't our first time climbing the tower, we wanted to capture it all on film to show how incredible it was, he continued. To pull off the stunt, the trio had to sneak past CCTV, but they made it out alive.

Final Thoughts!

These were some of the Photographers and filmmakers who went above & beyond to give us an astonishing picture. In this blog, we covered the courage of the photographers who risked their lives and it deserved an appreciation on our blog under Capturing Courage! If you too have a similar courageous story to share, then we be glad to feature you!

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