Are you really passionate about photography or is it just a hobby?

Let’s reveal it together and if you could relate to even 1 sign mentioned, photography is more than just a hobby for you.

You know you’re passionate about photography when you breathe photography, you live for photography, and you wish to capture everything around you. But are these signs enough to say if you’re passionate and if so, will someone really pay for your passion?

Let’s see if you could relate to these signs so you start getting paid for what you’re passionate about!

1. You Love Capturing Memories (for others as well as for you)

Capturing someone’s beautiful moment is the first sign on our list. It is very essential for you to love the basic thing that photography demands. Capturing Moments! If you’re someone who adores capturing moments around you then this is your sign to turn your passion for photography into reality by mastering the art.

2. You have an eye for detail

One quality of a passionate photographer is they tend to pick the tiniest detail of their subject that everyone else in the room tends to miss. Reading and understanding your subject is very, very important when it comes to documenting things. If you don’t have an eye for the details then you could miss a golden chance to capture the right moment at the right time.

3. You’re well-versed with all the camera jargons

Do you also own a tonne of camera gears and are filled with knowledge that not everyone would relate to? Then this could also be a sign that photography is more than just a side-hobby for you and you love your collection of kits more than anyone.Having good knowledge of your equipment or gears is as important as knowing how to shoot in manual mode.

4. People are wanting to Hire you

Even if photography is your hobby right now and it’s not something that you’d do full time. Have your friends or relatives tried to pay you for the pictures that you clicked? You must be posting on your socials and everything but did you get any freelance or full-time offers? If so, you’re most probably a good photographer and people around you love your work. That’s the exact reason why they are wanting to hire you!

5. You’re already getting paid for it

Are you already getting paid photography assignments? That’s awesome, cause it’s the right time to master your art and get paid even better for your passion. You only get paid for something when you’re good at it. All genres of photography need a certain level of understanding and knowledge and this is your sign to get even better at your craft.

Final Thoughts!

In most cases, hobbies can change but if you really have passion for something, you’ll never get tired of doing it.

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