Are you looking for ways to make money on Instagram?

There's no hiding the fact that Instagram is one of our favorite social media platforms. It's not only a great way to share your social life but you can also promote your brand on InstagramIn order to make money on Instagram, you really need to have a great following. You just need to have good engagement and a good relationship with your audience.

Why You Should Try to Make Money on Instagram?

One of the most popular apps, Instagram is also a favorite to many. It is one of the Top 5 downloaded apps in the Apps Store and Google Play. Mark Zuckerberg says, Our goal is to be the best platform for creators like you to make a living. An Instagram account with over 1 million followers can make $1000 for each post. But, you do need to have a massive following to get started on Instagram. You just need to read this blog till the end to make money on Instagram.

Let's get started!

1. Get Paid as an Influencer

Get Paid as an Influencer

The most common way to make money on Instagram is by becoming an influencer and getting paid for sponsored posts. But you can't really expect to get a brand deal at a few hundred followers. You need to have a minimum of 5000 followers to get a paid brand deal. If you wish to work as an influencer, then you should start building your audience with pictures and videos around your interest. Being consistent and being true to your audience is the ultimate way to build an audience. But make sure you maintain a balance between branded posts and posts that your audience loves seeing on your feed.

2. Promote Affiliate Links

 Promote Affiliate Links

Getting paid as an Influencer is almost the same as promoting affiliate links. The only difference is that you only get paid if the product gets sold through your link. Promoting affiliate links on Instagram is much more difficult than promoting them on your website. Instagram offers only one clickable link which is in the bio. You can create a linktree of all the affiliate links which will make it easy for your audience to reach the right link. In order to get your audience to buy a specific product, you need to promote it in the right way.

3. Create & Sell Digital Products

Create & Sell Digital Products

You have built a decent following on your Instagram and the next thing that you can do is create a digital product. It can be an E-book, consultation calls, info products, or any product that you can create based on your expertise and knowledge.

Example: If you are a marketing expert, you can come up with an E-book that talks about a topic on marketing. The audience that you have built is most likely to be interested in marketing-related topics.  If you launch the right E-book at the right price then you can make a decent income via your Instagram followers.

4. Start an Instagram Store

Start an Instagram Store

If you already have an E-commerce website, then you can integrate it with your Instagram profile. This way you can promote your products directly to your Instagram followers through posts, stories, the explore tab, and the shop tab on your profile. Instagram makes it easier to sell and promote your products, you just need to build an audience that is genuinely interested in your products.

Example: If you own a clothing brand, then you can create content around that niche and promote the product accordingly. Instagram even makes it easy to checkout and make payments through your Instagram store.

5. Be an Instagram Coach

Be an Instagram Coach

If you are already killing it on Instagram in your niche then it is high time that you monetize it.

What is the point of building an audience if you don't monetize it?

Example: Let's say you are a fitness coach and you have built an audience around that niche. Now you can host a webinar or create a course around that niche and make people pay for its registration. Launching a course as an expert is highly profitable. You can charge a course starting at $1000 or more based on your expertise.

Final Thoughts!

This was it on How to Make Money on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram always comes up with new features that you can use to build an audience around your niche.

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