Catch Mr. Nitin Goyal in conversation with Capturing WOW! Nitin is the President & Ceo of ‘Tamron India Pvt. Ltd’. He is also a Sales Leader with proven success in rolling out the winning go-to-market strategies! His skills have successfully turned around ‘Tamron India’ as the fastest growing subsidiary in less than 2 years. Read on to this article and learn more about the evolution, strategies, and plans of ‘Tamron India’.

How has the industry evolved over the years?

Nitin answered, “Imaging industry, or in particular if I talk about the camera industry, has faced many challenges in the past few years. Major highlights were abolishing point & shoot cameras & DSLR to Mirrorless shift. I think the ML system will take a good market share shortly due to its unique features of video making, crisp & fast AF technologies. Overall, I think the value-wise industry has coped up & it will show more strength in the coming years.”

How has your tamron evolved over the years?

“Tamron has been a pioneer in a variety of interchangeable lenses, in recent years Tamron has shown its great strength in the ML segment by coming up with its unique line-up, lightweight & affordable lenses. Since shifting gears from DSLR to ML needs a lot of investment, customers are delighted with our line-up, which is customer-oriented. Tamron has marked its remarkable growth in CCTV, ICM (Integrated Camera Modules), Factory Automation lenses as well” answered Nitin.

How has tamron benefitted the industry?

Addressing this Nitin said, “Tamron has allowed customers to buy lenses at a reasonable price with high quality & unique features. Moreover, Tamron has done some tremendous market development activities, especially for wedding & wildlife segments. We have done many workshops from basic to advanced level at grass route level & educated photographers on not only our products but also how to make their presence in their segment, which in turn has helped to evolve the market.”

Has it been exactly how you had planned or has your vision adapted to the evolving industry?

Nitin said, “Honestly, the shift over from DSLR to ML in India was not expected initially at that high speed but now the direction is clear & we have come up with a reasonable size of ML line-up. As the Tamron tag line says, ‘Focus on Future’ which means we plan things well in advance & try to bring such products for end-users that not only attract them but also provide the most advanced features & technology.”

What was your thought while building the team?

“We consider our team should comprise of widely experienced staff with experience & expertise in various fields. Therefore, while choosing our internal team we kept this in mind & chose team members accordingly. On the other hand, while choosing our distributor & dealer network, we spread it in width & depth across India. Our distributors have long experience in the imaging industry & carry a strong relationship with dealers across India, which helps overall business” said Nitin.

How did you work on future-focussed strategies?

Nitin answered, “We plan to focus on building & strengthening our ML line-up. Also, Tamron has a wide range of products not only for the imaging industry but also for CCTV, factories, pharma sectors, etc. as well, we plan to increase our penetration in the imaging industry by offering a wide range of products in the coming years with unique offline & online marketing activities across India.” 

Would you like to tell us about your journey and the key learnings from it?

“My journey in imaging started with Tamron itself. I came from a different background i.e. the automotive industry. I joined Tamron in Japan in 2009 and was given elaborate training on all products for more than 6 months & then set up Tamron’s Liaison/Representative office in Gurugram. In 2009, the industry was facing major challenges of grey products. Lenses were not recognized as a big sector as most of the people were satisfied with kit lenses. People didn’t take Tamron seriously at the beginning. Since there was no staff & I came from a different industry, I traveled across India & met all the dealers & many photographers & made my strategy with baby steps initially. The biggest learning in the Indian market in past years was pitching the right product to the right audience, selection of right channel, partners playing a vital role and finally right marketing” answered Nitin.

What are the main challenges you face even today?

Nitin said, “Reach, I think reaching the right customer is the biggest challenge in a country like India with such a huge population. We have limited marketing budgets due to which we cannot do much ATL/mass marketing activities. Reaching the amateur/enthusiast segment is also a big challenge as the spread is huge. Recently we have worked out through social media, offline & online marketing activities to address all segments.” 

How has covid affected the business?

“One of the main segments which contributes the highest business volume in the imaging industry is weddings, due to Covid, gatherings across India during weddings were restricted which in turn badly affected the market. Since April 2021, the business went drastically down but again from Aug 2021, it has picked up a bit & hoping the upcoming festive season should go well” said Nitin.

What are the plans for the brand?

Talking about his plans, Nitin said, “Tamron plans to build its strong line-up of lenses with our corporate philosophy.”

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