The festival of wealth, Dhanteras is here! What Photography gear are you buying this Dhanteras?

This day is considered one of the most auspicious days to buy gold and many other things. But the real gold for a photographer will always be his camera & gear! We explore so many stores and brands to get the perfect gear and to help you find your best fit, we have come with our must-have list.

Here are 5 photography equipment you must buy this Dhanteras to support your camera better and to make your pictures look more picturesque.

1. MOZA Mini MX 2


If you're a Filmmaker or a Photographer, you wouldn't be wanting your images or videos to look blurry or shaky. The MOZA Mini MX 2 comes with an anti-shake algorithm that helps you deliver super-smooth professionally stabilized cinematic footage. Whether you're walking or running, this gimbal will help you be sturdy and will handle your style of filmmaking. Its features include Genius design, impressive stabilization, Instant portrait and landscape transition, Spiral folding design, Ergonomic Handle Design, etc.

2. Godox TL30 Tube Light

Godox TL30

As a professional photographer, lights play an important role and what's better than gifting yourself a colourful light this Dhanteras? TL30 is a new addition to the Godox family featuring tube-shaped, lightweight, portable and easy to use lights. With tons of colours in your control with a dynamic range of options, you can create enriching content and images. Its features include: A liberating light, fits anywhere, Lights without footprints, A colour library, Reliable colour rendering and so on.

3. Lacie External SSD

Lacie External SSD

An external hard drive is very important for photographers as today, digital photographs can surpass over 82 MB. If you're craving for serious speed then Lacie's External SSD should be your go-to hard drive. The features include: Get a boost on the go, portable, Level up your 4k video project, rugged, Harness 6k video and beyond, etc.

4. Sennheiser Microphones

. Sennheiser Microphones

Fantastic audio gives immediate impact to videos and is probably a more significant part of filmmaking in terms of quality than the moving image. When it comes to generating videos, shooting high-quality footage is only half the story; audio is just as important to guarantee that your films have an impact. Sennheiser Microphones should be your go-to microphone in order to get noise-cancelling audio and great sound.

5. Canvera Photobooks

.Canvera Photobooks

As a photographer, you need a platform to showcase your work and to promote your work. Photobooks are one of the supreme ways for photographers to disseminate their work to a mass audience. Canvera helps you offer better to your clients as it is India's largest Photography directory. If you're a photographer and want to widen your range of services, then Canvera Photobooks should be your ideal match.

Final Words!

These 5 photography gears will surely help you deliver better, high-resolution images & videos to all your clients. This Dhanteras, bring home something that you love and something that will add up to your photography kit collection.

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