Everyone grows up with a dream to achieve, a dream to follow our passion, and a dream to fly freely. So many dreams go unachieved because of “Log Kya Kahenge” (What would people say). Capture For A Cause is an initiative by Capturing WOW where we cover inspiring stories captured by photographers & filmmakers.  This time we have covered a story by Ahmad Faras, a Fine Art Photographer and the name of his story is “धीमी उड़ान“. 

What is Dheemi Udaan? 

धीमी उड़ान is a concept that revolves around the mental health and social issues that are faced by people facing several challenges.  So many of us face challenges, bullies, stares just because we are differently-abled or because we have been born with certain disabilities.  धीमी उड़ान (Dheemi Udaan) is nothing but giving wings to people who face difficulties to fly freely in a society that doesn’t accept your flaws. 

Dheemi Udaan is a story of Sapthami Patel, Takshakh Patel, Pranathi Prakash, and Maheshwari Patel. Let’s dive deep into understanding this story! 

Takshak Patel- Representing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which a child finds it difficult to interact socially or communicate properly with their peers. Takshakh is a young boy representing autism and various challenges & hurdles faced by kids born with autism. Children with Autism also have dreams and if they are offered proper and professional support, these children can also flourish in mainstream education. 

Maheshwari Patel- Representing Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s is a disease generally faced by elderly adults that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills.  It eventually gets difficult for a person with that disease to carry out the simplest daily tasks they previously used to carry.  Maheshwari Patel is the lady who’s representing Alzheimer’s disease and she has shown what a person with that disease goes through.

Pranathi Prakash- Representing the Challenges Faced by a Transgender

Today, our society is gradually becoming more accepting towards the third gender but not everyone is ready to accept the idea of the transgender population. The transgender in our country also have dreams and aspirations but because of society and their mentality, they take a step back. Pranathi Prakash is herself a transgender woman who’s representing the difficulties faced by a third gender in our society.


Sapthami Patel- The Guiding Angel

Sapthami is a speech-language therapist and holistic practitioner who’s playing the role of a ‘Guiding Angel’ for all three different people facing three different challenges. Sapthami walked in as a light that guides- Takshakh, Pranathi, and Maheshwari got their wings to fly.

Final Thoughts!

This story was of Sapthami Patel, Takshakh, Maheshwari Patel, and Pranathi Prakash. In the end, all the three people facing different challenges get their wings to fly freely and are all set to take their Dheemi Udaan. 

A story that helps us understand how you can be someone’s guiding angel to help them fight against all the odds and face society with confidence.

If you have a similar courageous story to share with the community, we’ll help you do it.

Concept, Art Direction, Photography & Styling Courtesy: Ahmad Faras (@khichkiyaun)


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