Are you Fashion Photographer? What are the accessories you always have in your bag? Starting off as a Fashion Photographer, you’ll always prefer to be on a budget and still, you’d want to give your best shot. You may have a good DSLR camera with a good lens, but what else do you need? Even if you’ve been into Fashion Photography for a time, you’ll know how it feels when you miss out on even one essential piece of gear.

Let’s get straight to the point and dive deep into things you must have in your bag as a Fashion Photographer.

1. Reflector

Reflector for Fashion Shoot

Fashion Photographers keep switching from outdoor or indoor shoots. But if you shoot outdoor portraits, then you must get a Reflector. Reflectors can be used in many ways if you get the right reflector as it can help you bounce light back on your subject. With Reflector, you’d be able to have the main focus on your subject while you can also save your subject from excess air and light.

2. Off-Camera Flash