A wedding is the most beautiful & auspicious day for the bride, groom, and their families. But with this comes an expectation for wedding planners & filmmakers. Weddings can get stressful and hectic but as a wedding business owner, you can’t afford to lose your calm because your team is working really hard to make it a successful one. What’s better than a successful wedding filmmaker himself revealing his secret to enjoying his job?

Sounds exciting right?

So, let’s cut to the chase and dive deep into all the Pro Tips to handle stressful situations on the wedding day!

Harpreet Baccher, the Man Behind ‘The Wedding Story”

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The man behind India’s one of the best wedding photography & film companies, Harpreet Bachher, started ‘The Wedding Story’. Luv Israni Introduces Harpreet Bachher at the Wedding summit, as the most humble & Humorous person in the industry while being one of the most successful wedding filmmakers. Harpreet Bacchhar is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle photographer and the founder of ‘The Wedding Story’.  An architect by qualification, Harpreet started off as a lifestyle photographer with India’s largest newspaper THE TIMES OF INDIA, and then graduated to ‘Feature Writing’ before taking up photography as a full-time profession and establishing one of the biggest fashion studios in Mumbai in the year 2006.

Having worked with film production biggies like Yashraj and UTV Films he is a romantic by heart and loves to tell ‘Happily Ever After’ stories that have a realistic touch.

Start Enjoying Your Job!

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Harpreet Bachher says, ask yourself why you’re a wedding filmmaker or photographer. Are you enjoying what you’re doing? If you’re not enjoying your job, stop doing it. There are 100s of other jobs that will pay you better. All you have to do is start enjoying your job.

Excel at Your Technical Skills 

Source: The Wedding Story

“Laugh a lot, but not at the cost of your profession, please understand there’s a thin line between a sense of humor and crossing that line,” says Harpreet Bachher.   If you’re good at what you do and you know the technical aspect of photography then you will enjoy the wedding. Work hard and get better at your technical skills because you’ll only enjoy your job when you’ve excelled at what you do.

The line between what we offer, and what they Expect!

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Harpreet says, there is a thin line between what you give to your clients and what your clients expect from you. Learn to say no, if a client doesn’t come under your wavelength and is not understanding you. For a good sense of humor, you’ll have to start saying NO and select your clients wisely. If you don’t do so, you’ll have a tough time dealing with these clients.

Don’t Ever Show Your Best Work to Your Clients!

Source: The Wedding Story

Harpreet says, if you show your best work to your client, you will surely close the deal but he’ll keep comparing his own wedding to your best work. Your favorite work has become your favorite work out of 100s of weddings you have shot.  Be honest with your clients, and state to them the reasons why your best work became your best work. 

Keep Your Calm 

Source: The Wedding Story

While filming or photographing a wedding, you’ll get stressed, you’ll get angry, and a lot of people will irritate you.  But that doesn’t mean you’ll not shoot them because it’s a life-long memory for them. Communicate with them, ask questions, and resolve things with them. 

Final Thought! 

Harpreet ended his session by saying, “Maybe after one or two years, we’ll re-unite as a community in real-time, physically.”  He also adds, “The real asset for me is all of you and not the money.” We hope these Pro Tips to Staying Humorous as a Wedding Filmmaker by Harpreet Bachher help you handle the stressful situations at the wedding. 

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