Indian weddings have indeed evolved over the years!

Be it a celebrity wedding or a big fat Indian wedding. You must have noticed have covid has changed everything, even Indian weddings. Remember the time when wedding halls and grounds were filled with people? And now every couple wants to keep their big day intimate and close. But, there are still many couples that go the Extra on their wedding.

Indian Weddings- How has it Evolved over the decade?

Certain wedding traditions have been passed down for decades (and in some cases centuries), but not everything has remained the same. Wedding trends, like everything else, have evolved significantly over the last ten years, from fashion to fitness. Things you might have assumed were common, like far-flung festivities or light bridal lehengas, weren't always so. The modern-day bride, on the other hand, can go forward and down the aisle by updating a traditional wedding ritual. This gives her the freedom to express herself without feeling constrained by social norms.

Let's dive deep into knowing how exactly how Indian weddings evolved over the years.

Weddings Aren't Seasonal Anymore! 

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Weddings used to be held in certain summer and winter months, but are now held all year round. Millennials do not want to be limited to a particular wedding season. Plan every aspect of your celebration, from budget to location.The previous idea of hosting your wedding in your hometown was also avoided at your destination wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular in all budget segments. They are no longer just wealthy. More and more families leave their homes with smaller, tighter circles of loved ones. I like that. 

Bridal Wears are Elegant & Effortless 

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Designers now create outfits that work year-round and cater to more nonchalant tastes. Brides today prize comfort as much as traditions, which is why decadent, ornate lehengas are being swapped with pared-down yet statement-making pieces that allow freedom of movement. While couturiers continue to craft ensembles in timeless shades like reds and pinks, they are also experimenting with pastel palettes, gossamer fabrics and lighter embellishments. In fact, designers aren`t just making outfits for the bride anymore outfitting her entire tribe has become paramount too. Cases in point: the Ambani clan opted for a common colour palette for Akash and Shloka`s wedding, while the Bhavnanis and Padukone picked a common embroidery pattern for Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh`s Lake Como wedding.

Intimacy has Taken Over 

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We saw weddings get smaller and tighter, definitely not on the overall spend, but with respect to the number of functions. Guest lists are truncated too, and couples refrain from inviting the entire town. Most weddings, especially towards the end of the decade, saw a steep incline towards more personal and intimate celebrations. Yes, one quintessential, lavish reception still seems necessary for most families, who want to celebrate at least one occasion with just about everyone who`s been a part of their lives. Recent celebrity weddings like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli`s nuptials, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh`s wedding and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas` celebrations also showcased this trend.

The Battle of Social-Media

Reels and frames

In less than eight years, Instagram has changed the way we record the most important moments in our lives. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the role of social media platforms in wedding planning has evolved as well. With an estimated 1 billion users, Instagram is packed with inspiring wedding photos and custom wedding hashtags, providing unmatched access to under-radar providers. It also gives couples plenty of opportunities to post edited photos, from the moment I said so to candid wedding photos.

Personalization has Taken Over Too

Personalization has become an important aspect of wedding planning. Without the nickname Personalized, it would be difficult to characterize a 2020 wedding. From bespoke Lehenga, further personalized with custom accents, to monogram cutlery and custom gift options, nothing will satisfy the search for modern couples seeking a truly unique celebration.

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