“According to me, I am the laziest person and according to the research, the laziest people are the most creative ones” -Ahmad Faras. In a candid conversation with Capturing WOW, Ahmad Faras spoke about his journey in the industry. Read on to learn more about this creative mind. Ahmad Faras is Conceptual and a Fine Art Photographer and a creative director.  His work has been featured on Vogue Italia, Grazia, Platform Magazine, Iconic Artist Magazine, to name a few.

Come, let’s  dive into Ahmad Faras’s life through this article and know more about him and his creative mind.

How has your journey been? What is it that you have been doing and What are the challenges that you’ve faced?

“The connection between me and my art is from the beginning. Growing up, I used to watch documentaries about Ahmad Hussain and I saw his paintings were full of paint splashes on a white canvas and those paintings would be sold for nearly 50 lakhs to 1 crore. So out of curiosity, I asked my mom about how this was possible, so she smiled and said that it is not about the splash of paint because the painter can explain what each splash represents. So even if you create any art, you should be able to explain what it is about. After this, I started taking up painting courses and also participated in various competitions in school. As I grew up, my art found a different way and this is how I got into photography.  I got into the field of photography in 2017 with my mobile phone where I captured the street. Then I started taking up conceptual shoots along with portrait shoots. Amidst the lockdown, I was starstruck by the idea of virtual shoots and so I got into it. The whole process takes a lot of time from approaching models to set up the entire theme. I am thankful for all the models who denied shooting for my conceptual shoots because I found another way to showcase my artwork. Now I am representing India in Germany! A photograph from my virtual shoot has been selected and will be showcased in one of the exhibitions in Germany. Recently, I also got featured in Grazia India. I know that art does not have any boundaries. I strongly believe that ‘art’ is a medium to showcase your emotions, vulnerability and it also heals in some way or another” said Ahmad Faras.

What is your inspiration or What is it that you get inspired from? 

“I feel that inspiration is just around you, but it is scattered all over. I’ll give you one example, we planted a China Flower Plant in our house and it grew big, but we noticed that flowers have not bloomed yet. So after 2-3 days, we decided to cut it off but to our surprise, there were nearly 7-8 blooming flowers and now the flowers are continuously blooming. Due to this incident, I got an inspiration that when the right time comes, our flower of creativity will bloom and not only once but will bloom immensely. So this was a very small incident but I got inspired by it” said Ahmad Faras.

What is your family’s approach when they look at your photos and creations? 

Addressing this Ahmad said, “My family is very supportive. My mom and I have a friendly relationship. So whenever my work gets featured I just go and tell her and show her my work and she’s smiling all the way. I am where I am because of the support of my family!”

What is it that you see yourself doing in the coming years? 

“My goal is to showcase my work to the world and I would love to work with some of the great artists in the industry. I am also looking forward to commissioned projects in the coming years” said Ahmad.

To check out Ahmad’s creative work, click on the link given below : https://instagram.com/khichkiyaun?utm_medium=copy_link 

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