Imagine having an action camera portable enough to let you focus on the action and not the camera. That is where Insta360 Go 2 comes in. It is a camera as compact can be. The Insta360 Go 2 is the second and better form of its predecessor, the Insta360 Go 2. After Insta360 Go got a phenomenal response, Insta360 made the right move by listening to its users and adding features that make this the next best thing for cameras. The camera's miniature size compared to other cameras and beats even the GoPro in form factor. When you combine this Go camera with your creative juices, you get shots like no other.

Who Is This For : 

This camera is for all those creatives who want to take their personal footage to the next level. Every new kind of equipment that you add to your arsenal helps you grow and nurture your creative instincts. The same goes for the Insta360 Go 2 as well. The camera's features and size make it possible to use this camera in ways you can't use any other.

Why Should I Buy This?

The Go 2 is made with a ready-to-shoot working model. The camera takes the point-and-shoot factor of action cameras to another level. It is thus the right fit for people who want a camera that sticks around (more on that later) and is available whenever, wherever. The magnetic back makes it possible to attach the camera in places without any additional mounts. When combined with its attachments. Such as the metallic pendant and the cap mount, you are able to mount this camera yourself without the hassle of all the straps and buckles like any other action camera.

 The charging case now works as a controller for the camera as well. With a Go display inside and all the control buttons, you need. You don't need to use your phone to make the final changes to get your perfect shot. The same charging case has two protruding legs making it possible to have the camera rest inside while using it for an into-the-camera shot. And if that wasn't enough, the case has a 34-inch mount underneath for the times when you want to attach it to a sturdy tripod.

Insta360 Listened to its users, and it shows.

The previous generation had a few prominent issues. This made it difficult for it to perform great in its ideal use case. But, Insta360 has listened to its users when coming with the second generation of the camera. The camera comes with pros such as: The major plus point for the camera is its form factor. There is hardly any camera that measures t such miniature dimensions without compromising on the image quality. Insta360 has brought its expertise in cameras into the Go 2 as well. The image processing gives perfect sharpness and true tone colors without any post work needed.

Is the Camera Worth it?

The camera can be worth it for all those who can use its specific features to the maximum potential. Thus, it becomes necessary to understand how and what would you use this camera. Considering all the camera has to deliver, there are a few drawbacks that it holds. With the finicky record button, it becomes difficult to be sure if the camera is recording. That can risk you missing the entire shot. But if you aim at using the camera to up your general filmmaking game, this might be the right fit in your camera bag. Considering the size, it is the right fit for your pocket.


Different types of cameras bring their own special case and make it possible to take shots which no other camera can take. The same applies to Insta360 Go 2. You cannot replace your cinema camera or your professional camera with Insta360 Go 2. Nor can you use them to take shots which the Go 2 can.


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