It's International Artist Day today and the artist in you is just waiting for these signs to find your true calling. Do you love art or are you a born artist?  Are you filled with creativity but aren't aware of it? You may be a born artist but just don't know it.

Photography is an art and only a true artist can pave their way to success in this field.

Let's find out if you're the one!

1. You Appreciate all forms of Art


Every artist appreciates art in any form and in any type. If you're someone who appreciates and admires art then this is your sign to find what you enjoy the most. Artists of all kinds can never ignore admiring someone else's art and moreover, they get inspired by someone else's art.

2. You Cannot Turn off Your Mind

Are you an overthinker? Or do you have a tonne of ideas running in your head? If so, you’re no less than an artist. A creative artist’s mind never rests and you are more likely to keep coming up with new ideas and just waiting for the right time to execute them.

3. You have an Eye for Details

Every creative artist has a habit of seeing things differently and they have an eye for the tiniest details. You're able to feel all the pain, emotions, and happiness in your surroundings because photography is all about capturing the real side of your subject. Most of the artists are true empaths and that is exactly what fuels your creativity.

4. You're Never Satisfied with Your Work

As a creative artist, you'll always feel that you're lacking something in your work and you need to work more on your art. The more you stare at your art, the more you think it's imperfect. This is the most common sign of you being an artist.

5. You Have Your Own Unique Style

Every artist has their own unique style and so do you if you're really an artist. You know you're unique, quirky, and you are not even scared to embrace it. An artist will always have their own USP so they could create art that's different from other artists. On this International Artist day, let's explore our true calling in photography!

Final Words!

Happy International Artist Day to every creative artist trying to pave their way to success.

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