Mayank Tiwari, a passionate Photographer and a Software Engineer from India is now in Taiwan. His journey as a photographer is very impressive in itself as he has worked with several popular brands like One Plus, Vistara, Taiwan tourism, etc. He is the only drone pilot from India to get featured on Instagram’s official page, which had 323 million followers at that time. Mayank Tiwari talks about his journey from IT to Instagram in an interview with  Capturing WOW.

When did you realise your love for photography/ when did you kickstart your journey as a photographer?

I have always been fascinated by photography and I really wanted to learn it but didn’t get a chance to do so. Back then when I was in 10th grade, one of my friends had an automatic camera, that was the first time I tried photography. Later I continued capturing with my Nokia 2 MP phone camera. This went on for some years. I started working with an IT company as a Software Engineer in 2017. I used to live in a shared apartment and there we welcomed a new flatmate who was a professional photographer. I met my love (camera) for the first time that day and I couldn’t stop myself from using his camera to the fullest to capture everything around me. 

Which was your first ever camera and when did you buy it?

Mayank Tiwari says, My photographer friend was the one who encouraged me to buy my own camera. I showed him my previous photographs and he quite liked it and he was the one who suggested that I invest in a good camera. I thought about it and thought this is the right time to finally get my own camera. So my first camera was actually a second-hand camera, it was a Nikon D 7000.

How would you define your style and what is the genre that you really enjoy capturing?  

Personally, I love capturing nature, be it sunset, sunrise, sky, landscape, everything when it comes to nature. You get to witness changes in the colour of the sky every minute of the day. I really feel that nothing’s better than nature’s beauty and it is something I can capture every day. The second thing that I love capturing is people, their culture, and their faith in something. I love capturing the moment where people are really into something, some worship their god, some worship their car, house, or even parents. 

How do you manage to make time for your passion with a full-time job? 

Photography has always been my passion but I don’t primarily depend on it hence I do a full-time job with an IT company. I started getting commercial photography projects via Instagram and I could clearly see people liking my photographs. However, I don’t rely on photography solely as I have a full-time job. My company was generous enough to lend me the flexibility of working from Taiwan.