Whats the problem we are trying to solve here?

Well, wedding photographers wish to get their amazing pictures a great reach and visibility and the clients on the other hand want an easy access to all images from their event. However, there is nothing out there that helps solve the problem.  Anand Rathi, a renowned photographer realised this when he shot Akash and Shloka Ambani’s wedding and had to deliver nearly 30000 edited images to over 1200 guests.. Spurred by the need, Picsniff came to life.

What is Picsniff?

Picsniff  is an AI powered image sharing tool for professional photographers. It uses cutting edge face recognition to help attendees at an event find their images without the guest or photographer ever having to spend extra effort. 

What are the features of Picsniff?

Picsniff is not just a platform for face recognition it has all the features that one can ask for. With face recognition, you might have a concern about privacy … Picsniff has that covered with Liveness detection which prevents unauthorized access using real time face tracking. It also offers custom domains, full white labeling, password protected galleries, email registrations, beautiful gallery designs and client favoriting features … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How does the face recognition feature really work?

The photographer uploads images at the backend much like they would in any other cloud storage system. The software then generates a link and code that can be shared with the guests (before or after the event). The link prompts the guests to click their selfie and the software combs through all the images to spot the ones featuring the person in the selfie. If we go the conventional way, it would take hours or days to find those images and that too without much accuracy. However, with Picsniff a guest can find themselves in a matter of seconds.