Radhika, is pursuing BBI Jai Hind College and photography is her passion. She is a   painter, traveler and dancer at heart, she calls herself to be very lively and friendly. She wants to spread love to whoever she meets as well as to people across countries. Here are some insights from our recent interview with Radhika, here’s what she had to share about her photography journey.

When did you know Photography interested you?

Going down the memory lane, Radhika said, “Two years back my relationship with photography started. My friends motivated me and that is how my Instagram page was created.” Talking about her type of posts on her page, she said, “I post what I like. I don’t care what people will comment or think. That page is for myself, I do it for my liking.

Which Photography Style can be best associated with you?

Although more inclined towards Street Photography, Radhika is a novice when it comes to other photography genres. Having tried her hands on a few styles, she said, “Apart from street photography, I do portrait work as well. I have attempted double exposure and a few other styles, but I haven’t explored a lot yet. 

Do you intend to keep Street Photography as your permanent style or Would you like to experiment around?

To this, Radhika replied, “I love to experiment. I love to explore around. If I get new opportunities, I will definitely give it a shot.”

Have you done any Commercial Shoots? Are you in talks with anybody about the same?

“As of now, no, I haven’t done any commercial shoots nor am I in talks with anybody for the same. However, if I get an opportunity, I would certainly consider it”, answered Radhika. 

As you are currently studying Banking, do you plan on switching your career to Photography if you get a good opening?  

“Not at all. Banking is my first priority and it will continue to remain so. Photography as a profession is very dicey and risk-taking. Sometimes you might get good breaks, sometimes not. Hence, I would like to keep it as my passion only.”

Any challenges that you have faced in your photography journey?

Expressing her hurdles, Radhika said, “As I do street photography, there have been times when people don’t allow me to click pictures. I have faced many awkward situations where either people don’t understand my purpose or I am not granted the required permissions. Nonetheless, if there is some amazing view which deserves to be captured, I try convincing the authorities. If that doesn’t work in my favour, I still go ahead and capture my shots silently.” 

What are your future plans? How would you incorporate Photography into your daily life?

“I haven’t thought a lot about this. However, I am going to give my banking exam, take up a  9-5 job and continue working as a banker.” Furthermore, when it comes to incorporating her passion in her daily life, Radhika replied, “Photography is a different vision for me. I am more of a person who would do things uniquely and I would work out some way to add my passion into my daily life.” 

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