Sony deserves the credit to bring professional-grade mirrorless cameras to the general public with its Alpha series. Their cameras were able to showcase the capabilities that a mirrorless camera holds. Now with the industry accepting mirrorless cameras as a go-to for major productions, Sony has come out with FX3, their cinema first mirrorless camera. The camera has been made with filmmakers in mind and thus has features that can deliver to the needs of a filmmaker specifically.


FX3 has a standard 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor. The sensor has 10.2 effective megapixels which are used to shoot movies and approx 12.1 effective megapixels for still images. Sony has continued to deliver with sensors that produce sharp and colour-rich images. And with the camera being cinema centric, the colour science used has been fine-tuned to work seamlessly with the demands of today’s creators.

The camera has an 80-102400 equivalent. And with Sony’s image processing, you can easily go up to 6,400 ISO and not worry about the noise. The camera can take C-Fast cards, SD Cards. Being a professional camera gives you the option to insert two SD cards at once. This comes into use when you require a backup of the data that you shoot. Plus with the same data being written on two cards, the hassle of data management in the post gets reduced.


Weighing under 800g, this comes out to be the most compact cinema centric camera out there. The FX3 camera comes with a horizontal handle which helps in having a firm and comfortable grip on the camera when taking low angle shots. With this, Sony has attached a swivelling LCD screen which makes it possible to have a clear view of the frame no matter which way the camera is turned. A wide Dynamic range and highly sensitive sensor makes it possible to pump up the ISO without worrying about noise and also beings. The camera can shoot 4k at 120fps. Access to S-Log2 and S-Log3 log colour profile which gives you extreme liberty in the post to colour grade the footage.


In the process of making the camera a compact beast, Sony had to remove the inbuilt ND filters from the camera. This adds on an additional hassle on set. But, it isn’t something that could be a decision changing issue as the camera has an E mount. And thus, the external ND filters are readily available in the market.

Who Is It For 

The Sony FX3 is a camera which is made for indie filmmakers. Having an all in one film camera makes it easy to produce high quality visuals without the need of an entire camera crew. The perfectly performing Auto focus removes the need of a focus puller. And with the compact body size, you don’t need an assistant cameraman to handle the camera. With that, the Image stabilization makes sure you can go handheld and yet get good quality smooth movements in your shot.

If you are a filmmaker on the rise, this is the perfect camera for you. The pro features in the camera assures you of the quality of the product. And the modular style of the mirrorless camera would insure that the camera will grow with you.

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