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Awesome! This article is just meant for you. As a passionate photographer, Filmmaker, or cinematographer, your first love is probably your Camera Lens. A camera lens is so close to every creative person, if the camera body is the ‘brain’, then the camera lens is the ‘eye’. 

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Why You Should Invest in a High-Quality Camera Lens? 

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Some photographers believe that the camera lens is important while some feel that the camera body is important.  But somewhere we all know that a lens is that one factor that plays an important role in taking the best shot.  The camera lens that we invest in should always be of high quality because it’s something that stays with us for years and years.  What if I tell you, we can help you in your search to find the best Camera lenses? Yes, you heard it right!

What is Cooke Optics? 

Cooke Optics is a camera lens manufacturing company based in Leicester, England. They produce a high-quality range of lenses suitable for multiple film applications.  Cooke has been in the industry of filmmaking for over 100 years now and they have been listening to their community and are coming up with the lenses that capture the best motion pictures.  Cooke Optics makes sure that all lenses are colour-matched so their customers can interchange them according to their preferences and needs.  According to Cooke Optics, their success is built on a simple idea – Do what the Filmmaker needs. 

Why Cooke Optics Lens is Best For Cinematographers & Filmmakers? 

Picture Courtesy: Cooke Optics

When you’re filming something, you need to take care of everything, the angles, the cinematography, everything.  The cinematography has to look great and tell the story that you’re trying to capture through your lens.  A good camera isn’t always enough, a lens that eases out the task and delivers the best shot is very essential.  Cooke Optics has been in the filmmaking industry for 100 years and they know that lens choice is a fundamental decision every cinematographer should make.  Cooke Optics is the eyes behind many successful Hollywood movies such as Carol (2015), Everest (2015), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), etc. 

How Cook Optics’ Lens is Better than Other Lenses in the Market?

Picture Courtesy: Cooke Optics

As Cooke Optics focuses on listening to their customers, their lens is designed in a way that suits the needs of every cinematographer.  Cooke Optics knows the market really well and they research their consumer’s behaviour every now and then to offer what they want.  The lenses manufactured by Cooke Optics are easily maintained, accurate, and reliable. Moreover, their lenses are designed in a way where a 3D effect is produced on a 2D plane.  According to Cooke Optics, cinematographers across the globe choose their  Cooke Lenses for the “Cooke Look”.  Cooke Look is all about creating sharp, subtle, and smooth rendering lenses while being pleasing to the human eyes.  The one quality that Cooke Optics has that surpasses other brands is they understand the human eye perception and then accordingly design their lenses. 

Final Words! 

The right lens choice is the secret weapon of every cinematographer, choosing the wrong one might leave you lost in the sauce.  Cooke Optics makes sure that you choose the right lens for your motion visuals to deliver your audience the best out of you and keep them hooked till the end.  Talking about cinematography and filmmaking, Capturing Wow Global Expo 2021 is coming with the world’s largest expo for all Photographers, filmmakers, and creative artists.  It’s an amazing opportunity for all the budding as well as experienced filmmakers and cinematographers. Where you get to connect with 80+ speakers, 10,000+ attendees from across 30+ countries. 

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