Here is an exclusive interview with the man behind KCIS, Mr. Chanchal Deshwal. In a candid conversation, Chanchal shared about what inspired him to start ‘KCIS Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd’ and also shared about the turning point in his career! Come, let us walk you through the beautiful journey of Chanchal Deshwal in this article. 

Talking about his journey Chanchal said,

“My last organisation was Redington India Limited which is one of the big distributors in India. Working with Redington, I saw that there is a huge opportunity in the market for importers and the margins for such industries are very lucrative. Fortunately, when I was handling the enterprise business at Redington, it was the peak time for the I.T industry where big players of Telecom entered and huge projects like the Passport Seva and Aadhar Card were all entering India. At that time, I just thought to myself why don’t I start my organisation and earn better money! So this motivated me to start my organisation and here I am today!”

When you started, the telecom industry was at its peak so what is the evolution that you have observed over the years in the industry?

“If I were to talk about my journey in the last 11 and a ½ years, I saw several different phases. Earlier we started with big brands like Dell, HP, and several others, but during the process, we realised that the margins were very thin, and due to the huge competition in the market we decided to change our strategy. So as the industry evolved, we changed our strategies from time to time and today we are the manufacturers of data-centred appliances in India and truly speaking, we are expecting to grow up to 100 Cr. in the span of the next 2-3 years,” said Chanchal Deshwal.

Tell us something more about the brands that ‘kcis india’ has to offer

Addressing the uniqueness of the brands that KCIS India offers, Chanchal said, “My company offers one brand named ‘Drobo’ that is based on the storage that focuses on niche-market like the industry professionals or the photography industry. Since not many vendors were offering this product, I took this as an advantage, and to date, we have had 5000+ customers. In addition to this, we also offer backup software that targets small and medium industries. So we have been offering this for over 7 years and we now have 250+ resellers across India. Moreover, we also offer storage software that targets mid-enterprise and enterprise industries. It has been almost 5 years into offering this and we have 40+ resellers across the country.” Talking about his company, Chanchal said, “My firm ‘KCIS India’ has been changed to ‘KCIS Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ We changed the type of the company to private limited because we found that there is more industry value to private limited companies. We provide data-centered solutions and recently we did a big project for one of the ministries and we did a single project of 37 Cr. in Hyderabad. We provide very lucrative prices in the industry so that everyone can enjoy the latest era of data-centred technologies today.” Giving more insights on his strategy, Chanchal said, “I have always been picking products that bring better margins and I don’t work in a market where there is low margin. I always see the different problems in the market and try to find answers to those problems so that next time we don’t have to face those problems. Moreover, we always focus on products which not many people are doing, so this is also one of our strategies!

So this was the bite-sized version of Chanchal Deshwal’s journey! If you want to know more about his company, 

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