Do want to get started as a Fashion Photographer? Want to know the different types of fashion photography?

Fashion Photography is known as one of the most glamorous jobs where you get to travel to exotic places, work with models, and designers across the globe. But before you decide to get into it, you need to have a deep understanding of what it is what are the types of fashion photography.

What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion Photography is exactly what it sounds like, capturing the model while showcasing a clothing brand or accessory mostly for advertisement or print magazines. As a Fashion Photographer, you’ll need to get the attention of your client’s audience on the particular product and not on the model.

In the late 1800s, fashion photography began as an exclusive profession originating from Parisian fashion houses.

What are the Different Types of Fashion Photography?

Fashion Photography is one of the most popular genres of photography but is also the most competitive one. Understanding the different types of photography will allow you to get a better overview of what you want to go ahead with.

1. Editorial Fashion Photography

This is one of the most known types of Fashion Photography and what most people think when they hear the word ‘Fashion Photography’. You’ll find editorial fashion photographs in publications such as magazines and newspapers. Editorials generally have little to no budget unless you’re working with a top brand or magazine. So, editorials are great if you’re looking to build your portfolio and want to explore this field.

2. Commercial Photography

This shoot is designed specially to sell a product, clothing, makeup, accessory, etc for a brand featuring a model. Commercial shoots are generally budgeted better than editorial shoots because it is used to make people buy their products. It’s also one of the few types of shoots that are highly profitable for both the parties, the photographer as well as the brand.

3. Catalogue Photography

Catalogue photography is perhaps one of the simplest forms of photography and something that one should get started with. This type of photography is often confused with product photography but the one difference is the presence of a model. Even though the focus remains on the product, the background of the pictures is usually white and grey colours. An issue that every photographer’s face is the lighting because you need to capture the tiniest details of the product.

4. Street Fashion Photography

Street Fashion Photography also known as urban fashion and are mostly performed on streets to give the dresses an elegant look. This type of photographer generally prefers regular people over models and comfortable attires over high-end ones. A street fashion photographer gets to play with the natural lights and longer lens.

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