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Ace The Craft Of Cinematography With These Gears!

The evolution of basic videography into that of professional Cinematography took place seamlessly and it seems to be a natural progression for those who have a passion for telling stories, capturing moments, and taking your creativity into an entirely new world. That being said, the world of filmmaking is comparatively more complex and difficult to get into and if you wish to get into this creative world, you have to work your heart out! You have to be as creative as you can and moreover you need to have the skills required to be a Cinematographer.

While there is certainly time for steep learning, investment, and commitment towards your goal that every aspiring Cinematographer must undergo to create the best content possible, that does not mean that you are prepared to shoot any film. Remember that gears play an important role in the life of every filmmaker, photographer, Cinematographer, etc. 



Now if you don’t want to spend a high amount of cash on expensive gear, we have curated a nice guide that will outline some of the most basic gears that will be required for every entry-level or beginner Cinematographer. From varied lenses and accessories, we will help you to create a well planned basic gear list to bring your Cinematography dreams into reality.


A video camera is undoubtedly a Cinematographers best friend. Certainly there is no film without a video camera because you can not shoot anything professional without a video camera. Besides, there are a pool of opportunities to shoot entry-level films with your smartphone. 


But, if you want to get into the creative filmmaking industry, you have to get yourself a professional video camera. If you are a beginner, we suggest you buy a cheap video camera so you can get your hands over the camera’s various functions and once you are proficient, you could purchase an expensive one.



The tripod is one of the perfect camera gear to shoot a stable shot that is a shot with no movement of the camera. “A tripod is a type of camera stand with a fluid head to which the camera is mounted.”

If you don’t want your camera to move, a tripod allows you to control the movement where you can move or tilt your camera in the direction of your choice. 


Aerial Cinematography has really taken flight (no pun intended) since the invention of the drone. Initially, aerial Cinematography was limited to the use of helicopters and it became difficult for entry-level cinematographers to get such professional aerial shots. However, after the invention of the drone camera, Cinematographers can now easily film any shot without the helicopter. 


Drones are great for shooting expansive landscapes, chase scenes, and establishing shots. Drones have also opened up access to aerial Cinematography to filmmakers of all budgets.  Besides the basic camera gear i.e. video camera, tripod and drone camera, there are a lot of more things that can be added to the list like the voice recorders, mics, lenses and so on. Before you start your career in Cinematography don’t miss out on adding these 3 gears to your list.

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