An Ultimate Guide To Run A Successful
Video Production Business

An Ultimate Guide To Run A Successful Video Production Business

An Online Course for Filmmakers

Aviv Ben Or | Capturing WOW

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Aviv Ben Or

Aviv Ben is a Young Business Coach for Videographers who’s been helping videographers across the world make more money and find high-paying clients.

His Paid Programs and Courses include- How to charge high prices, how to get a constant flow of clients, how to work only with the clients you want, and so much more.

His website, says it all and all the positive client testimonials reflect the value he provides inside the course.

He is one of the fewest business coaches that focuses on providing coaching for videographers.

He himself is an excellent videographer and that’s the reason why he knows and understands the industry and the clients so well.

Aviv Ben Or | Capturing WOW

About The Course

An Ultimate Guide To Run A Successful Video Production Business, An Online Course By Aviv Ben Or Caters To All Photographers And Filmmakers Running A Business. Aviv Ben Or Talks About His Experience In His Overall Journey And Shares His Do’s And Don’ts On Having A Successful Business. This Online Course Teaches You Practicality In Business And The Way To Make It Successful. Aviv Ben Or Has Made This Course Specially For Photographers & Filmmakers Who Want To Make It Big In The Industry.

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    Get a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make
    your pitches stand out and get Netflix to notice you.



    Download a sample Photography Contract by Harpreet Bachher from The Wedding Story.