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Find The Magic In Stories

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Denise Motz | Capturing WOW

Denise Motz

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Denise Motz

Denise Motz is a well known wedding photographer from Breda, Netherlands and has photographed over more than 150 weddings in different destinations all over the world. 

When she started documenting weddings, she wasn’t convinced to keep her artistic background as a fine art photographer included. But this switch was one of the best decisions she has ever made, it was such an eye opener to get into reportage photography. She began to think less and to feel more. Denise tries to capture every wedding as pure and creative as possible. Therefore she has a great passion for photojournalistic photography, in which emotions, humor and art play an important role. She is more than happy when she can travel, seek for adventure and apply it into documenting beautiful characters and their stories. 

Unexpected moments became the true treasures in her eyes. Seeing the light, composing the scene and knowing that something is going to happen. Life is a surprise and magic comes to life when one begins to live in the moment.

Denise Motz | Capturing WOW

About The Course

Find The Magic In Stories by Denise Motz is an online Photography course for all Photographers. In this online course, Denise Motz has emphasized on a unique approach to creating photo stories. She has explained the art of finding stories and how to create magic through capturing those stories. This online course will help all photographers to create stories through their photographs and have images that will stand out among the rest.

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