Photo Retouching Techniques

Photo Retouching Techniques

An Online Course for Photographers & Photo Editors

Dennis Dunbar

Dennis Dunbar



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Dennis Dunbar

Dennis Dunbar adds Photoshop Magic to movie posters and high-end ad campaigns. 

Dennis loves working on beautiful images and helping his clients to realize their vision.

He has been working with top photographers and art directors for 20 years to create compelling images for the advertising and entertainment industries. 

He has been working with projects ranging from posters for top movies to national ad campaigns for major clients, his approach as a collaborator is to make it easy for his clients to realize their vision in creating the finished art.

Dennis Dunbar is a Digital Artist with extensive experience in digital issues. 

He began compositing images in the darkroom under the tutelage of William Warren, a noted Stock Shooter. 

After seeing the advantages of working digitally Dennis jumped in with both feet, setting up his own studio in 1991 and soon was working extensively creating finished artwork for movie posters as well as commercial ads.

Dennis’ drive to stay on top of the various issues involved in the digital imaging world led him to also focus on Color Management and to offer consulting services to his clients in this area as well.

Dennis is a highly sought after digital retoucher in Los Angeles. He sat down with me for a chat about the business of retouching and what it is like to work with photographers and movie studios.

Dennis Dunbar

About The Course

‘Photo Retouching Techniques’ By Dennis Dunbar Is An Online Course That Caters To Photographers And Photo Editors. Dennis Teaches You Step By Step Retouching That He Has Gained Expertise In Over Many Years. You Will Learn Photo Retouching, Portraits Retouching, Movie Posters Retouching Etc. From The Layer Structure Of The Poster Of X-Men To Retouching It, He Teaches You All. Dennis Has Gained Expertise In This Area Of Work And He Shares Some Of His Secrets In This Course.


Kailas m
Kailas mPhotographer
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"great session, thank you luv"
ManikandanWedding & Event photographer
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"Words cannot describe the amount of inputs and knowledge that each one of us have gained throughout this expo. Thanks a lot for Luv Israni and the entire capturing wow team"
Kunal khode
Kunal khodeFreelancer Photographer
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"I just wanna.... thank you so much luv....for creating such an amazing platform....n...... helping us to the fullest...... thank you 🙏🤗 u r truely an inspiration.... ❤️"

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