Photojournalism In Wedding Photography

Photojournalism In Wedding Photography

An Online Course for Photographers

Tyler Wirken | Capturing WOW

Tyler Wirken

Documentary Photographer


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Tyler Wirken

Tyler Wirken Is A Husband, Dad, And Founder/Lead Photographer Of Wirken Photography. He Is A Documentary Photographer In Kansas City. He Works Hard To Tell Stories That Matter, To Capture Family And Friends And Show Why He Does What He Does. Good Photography Celebrates What Truly Matters. 

The Right Image Helps Him Remember, Even After The Party Is Over, The Kids Are Grown, The People Are Gone. Documenting What’s Important Is A Responsibility That He Doesn’t Take Lightly. 

He Lives By The Kiss Method (Keep It Simple Stupid) And Don’t Rely On A Bunch Of Fancy Tech Or Fuss. Instead, He Depends On His Dad’s Teachings And His Background As A Newspaper Photojournalist. That Training And Experience Taught Him To Be Patient And Wait For The Shot, To Embrace Adversity, And Problem Solve On The Fly. 

He Captures Real, Raw, And Candid Unposed Moments Instead Of Creating Them. Real Life Is Beautiful – It Doesn’t Need To Be Staged.

Tyler Wirken | Capturing WOW

About The Course

“Photojournalism In Wedding Photography” Is A 1-Hour Long Immersive Online Course That Will Give You A New And Never-Thought Perspective As A Wedding Photographer. Tyler Wirken Will Take You Through His Style Of Capturing Moments At The Wedding. He Captures The Wedding As A Journalist And That Approach Of His Enables Him To Create The Best Emotional Images That Become The Favourites Of Clients. Imbibe The Art Of Photojournalism In Your Wedding Photography To Create Unique And Never Seen Shots.

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