Excel The Craft of Post-Production in Ad Filmmaking!

Are you a talented ad filmmaker? Do you have the ability to catch your viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds of your ad film? 

Several ad filmmakers are struggling hard enough to make a career in the ad filmmaking industry. Nearly half of them toil over to shoot their first-ever perfect ad film. Just so you know, approximately ¾ of the ad filmmakers community are yet searching for ways to ace their ad filmmaking skills!What if we tell you that we have one solution for all your problems? This is unbelievable, but yes we’ve got an ultimate solution for you straight from the experts of the ad filmmaking industry!

Capturing WOW organized a comprehensive session on Clubhouse having a panel of 6 experts from the ad filmmaking industry. Our speakers – Charit Desai, Siva Romero Iyer, Veeraa, Keyur Bipinchandra, Souraj Bhattacharyya and Jay Bhansali conversed with the audience and shared their knowledge on the importance of the post-production process in ad filmmaking.

In this article, we would be sharing some of the most valuable insights that our speakers shared at the session. So you may maintain the momentum as we walk you through the ultimate solution to excel in the art of ad filmmaking through post-production.

•What Is Post-Production?

Post-production is an all-inclusive process where the raw footage of the ad film is edited, visual effects are added to the ad film, music is composed based on the requirement and titles for the ad film are finalized. For raw footage to become a complete ad film or any other digital media, it needs to go through a thorough post-production phase that no ad filmmaker should skip.

•Why Is Post-Production Important?

Aforementioned, the process of post-production includes editing and finalising the ad film with all the creative elements in place.

You plan and visualise your ad film in the “pre-production” process, you shoot raw ad film shorts in the “production” process, but you finalise your dream ad film in the post-production process! Raw ad film footage alone isn’t enough to create a successful ad film. 

The post-production process consists of:

  • Video Editing
  • Visual effects and CGI 
  • Sound editing and Mixing 
  • Color Grading 
  • Smoke/Flame edit 
  • Final output

As an ad filmmaker, you would never serve your audience with a half-baked ad film. It is your responsibility to create incredible ad films that your audience deserves! So it is very important to follow the process of post-production while you desire to create your dream ad film!

•What Did Our Speakers Say About Post Production?

Our speaker – Siva Romero Iyer said, “You make or break a film on the edit table! It is quite important to know about the process of post-production”. All our experienced speakers mutually agreed to the fact that many ad filmmakers skip the most important part of ad filmmaking i.e. post-production.

Adding to this, Souraj Bhattacharyya said, “99℅ of the ad filmmaking career is about learning your craft and improving your skills. You have to sit back, learn the different processes of filmmaking including post-production. At the end of the day, if you are not interested in the concept or you don’t want to improve your skills, there are high chances for your film-in-hand to go for a toss!”. Young ad filmmakers join filmmaking schools, excel in their ad filmmaking craft but miss out on the post-production process. 

Charit Desai said, “The competition in the filmmaking industry is getting fierce. You have to learn, find your path and stick to your story and vision. You cannot miss any aspect of the ad filmmaking process. You shoot a raw film but you give it a finishing touch in the post-production process”. The more you learn, the more you grow and this process of learning is never-ending. 

While all the aspects of ad film production are important, post-production is an important turning point in any movie or ad film. This editing process can bring any film to its full potential, so it truly connects with your audience.

To learn from the best in the creative industry and to level up your skills in photography and filmmaking, tune into Capturing WOW – a platform for photographers, filmmakers and content creators to come together, learn, discover, network and grow!

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