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How to make fashion artistic and art fashionable – Vikram Bawa

A true artist, no matter the means, is versatile. Art can be found in any medium of creativity, be it photography, poetry, or film. Likewise, art can be created irrespective of the genre of photography and the themes explored in it. Vikram Bawa is an expert at expressing art through the fashion photography genre. He is a versatile photographer who shoots multi genre with fashion, advertising and art being some of many genres of his expertise. Despite his versatility, what sets him apart is the way he thinks and ideas for each of his shoots. His creativity is what makes him an artist. 

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is nothing but a statement of expression. It is your personality expressed through the kind of clothes you wear. The outfit you don speaks volumes about your approach to life, the way you think and your interests. On a day to day basis, it reflects your mood as well. With something as dynamic as fashion, creativity has endless scope. Capturing this dynamism through creativity is where it intersects with art. 

What Is Art? 

Art is a wave of emotion. Anything with the power to influence emotion, thought approach or opinion is art. Another way art can be described is that it is a symbol of the status quo. It is a representation of time. Photography as art is the practice of capturing elements which embody the emotion of a particular time, be it an instant or a generation. So how do you go about creating art? The answer is simple. Every click of yours must be driven by a thought. You must have an idea behind every picture you take, which is when it will resonate with your audience. Establish a personal style, a signature with your photography, regardless of the genre. Originality is the USP of an artist. Vikram had the novel idea to capture A list Bollywood stars in a panoramic cover. The idea landed him a place in Jehangir Art Gallery even though it was a commercial shoot. This creation bridged his way into the art world. A novel idea is what constitutes the building blocks of art. Vikram’s idea to use leather as an extension of skin as leather is nothing but animal skin, is an excellent example of using creativity to create a trend. 

Bridging Fashion and Art 

Expression is an art, and moulding your photoshoot so that the subject can fully express themselves and bring out their truest self is where a fashion photographer earns their bread. There is nothing as charming as a well timed candid shot of the subject. The space in which the shoot is conducted also holds potential for experimentation. Bringing out the best in the setting makes for a more fulfilling shoot. Although creativity is a field there is endless scope in, it counts for naught if you do not have the business acumen to sell your work. A steady business plan and portfolio must be maintained and adhered to for any photographer. You must showcase your work through different media, only then will you get the recognition needed to build a unique voice through your photography and hence establish yourself as an artist. 

The market is enormous. You must know how to put yourself out there and create awareness through a novel idea. What is even more important is to know how to value your work. For example, lesser prints of a picture will increase the value of an individual print.

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