5 Savvy Props To Leverage Your Food Photographs!

Are you a Food photographer looking for props to leverage your Food photographs?
If you want to use scrumptious-looking Food Photography props to take attention-grabbing photographs for a food brand or your food blog on social media, then you must take a look at the below-mentioned list of props. 


Flowers and plants are used as photography props mostly in Food photography as they can give life to your photographs. Using flowers and plants creatively, you could create a great composition by setting them around the dish.

 To enhance your photographs, even more, you could use seasonal flowers and plants. Besides, you could also use flower petals or leaves to make your dish or meal look even tastier.


If you have been photographing beverages, you must have dealt with the melting of the ice cubes even before you have your desired shot! Aren’t you tired of the melting of the ice? Ice cubes can annoy you more than any other prop on the list. However, we have a solution to your problem! 

You could use acrylic ice cubes for Food Photography! They look just as good as the real ones and these also allow you to shoot as much time as you want without worrying about them melting away!

Glass bottles and jars are one of the most common props used in Food photography. These glass bottles and jars are used by photographers where they use them mostly to take photos of varied sauces or spices. 

  • How to use glass bottles or jars in Food Photography?

You could use jars filled with spices and place them around your dish. Make sure you add spices that have been used in your dish. In glass bottles, you could add colourful beverages to give your dish a lively look.

Colourful straws prove to be great props for beverage photography. You could make use of them to add bright and happy colours to your Food photograph.
If you want to create an eye-catchy image, you could straws of contrasting colours with the beverage. Moreover, you could also use neutral coloured straws to make your beverage the star of the photograph.

Cloth napkins are one of the most common Food photography props. However, there is no harm in using this common prop in your Food photographs. You could choose napkins with simple patterns and designs. For example, napkins with check patterns will be a perfect background element for any dish. But this isn’t a compulsion as you are free to use any napkin of your choice but make sure that the napkin suits the dish. 

If you are unsure about the selection of colours, you could go for neutral-coloured napkins or mild-coloured napkins like grey, blue or brown. Moreover, you could also use napkins by folding them in different styles. The above-mentioned props are budget-friendly and often you will find these props around you. So you don’t have to spend a lot or waste your time searching for these props. We hope you use these props when you photograph food. Don’t forget to mention the list of props that you have been using in Food Photography in the comment section below.

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